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Pretty sure falsely claiming to be the creator of the game is a violation of the forum rules against impersonating a staff member. If making this post satirical, I would advise more explicitly calling that out as not everyone who sees the forum will be familiar with the actual staff members.

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My apologies sir…I thought it was quite eloquent that it was a satire, but of course here it is only worth coming to kiss the most noble part, but you are right I clarify it. It’s satirical since someone would think that the creator of this game could wake up one day and come here to worry about something related to the game instead of traveling the world on his private jet.
My apologies.

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What 200 heroes are you nerfing oh mighty creator?

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Oops sorry sir I made a mistake in the number, let’s leave it at 199… balance fixes and a nerf :joy:

Can you list those 199 nerfs? Lets make it easier. List 50. Nah, 30 would do…

Look, I guess you don’t have to be very smart to see what I mean. I understand that you have to do your job and that here, once you have made the investment, the players do not matter much since new ones will come.
But if you’re so interested in the subject, instead of arguing about the correct number of nerfs we can do one thing and that is discuss the point of rebalancing and then createout a hero with 2,400 life.
I only see one point in it and that is to continue investing so as not to be left far behind in this game.
And someone who has invested a lot tells you. And I keep investing like a fool.