Others experiencing issues with Gravemaker or Leonaidas?

I pulled this out of a general discussion thread:

Is anyone else seeing these issues, and under what circumstances? (game version, platform, what type of battles)

I’d love to test this, but I have none of them.

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I just raided with Leo and he worked. 530 damage and healed 400. Then 800 damage and healed 600.

Tried to take one for the team and test it out so I could post video.

He died both times fast lol. 3/44 oh well.

It’s helpful to point out since you’ve used my post that it only happens in raids. In every other battle they have performed as expected.

I just did a raid with Leonidas and he healed himself 2 times in 2 shots.

I have not noticed anything wrong with my Gravemaker.