Other than Magni who is the best 5* Blue and why?

Your thoughts please

Except HOTM
Magni is solo
Richard Thorne : i dont like :confused:
Isarnia good but slow

Isarnia also hits very hard. And drops enemy defense.

In my opinion, the five best 5* ice heroes other than Magni are as follows:
I had a hard time placing the last 3 so I just put them in order of my preference, but I believe these are the top 5 ice heroes apart from Magni.


Best is subjective. As far as attackers/snipers go…Alasie, Misandra, Athena…notable mention Isarnia, although she is slow if she fires her special it’s devastating.

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I think Isarnia is due to her defense down. If she is powered up then I think that changes the game in your favour.

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Trainable heroes:
Richard if you’re bored or desperate
Thorne doesn’t even enter into the conversation


Trainable: Issy (I like her better only because I have better snipers than Magni - if I didn’t have good snipers I would rather have him)

HOTM: These are better than Magni - no doubt

Authur (Maybe - situational)
Misandra (maybe)

Well I just got a Magni in a Atlantas draw and I also picked up a Triton so I couldn’t be happier didn’t mean to go off topic but I really needed a fast mana blue hero. I have Isarnia but as stated she is slow mana I am finally starting to get faster mana heroes which I think is critical to win in a lot of situations. :sunglasses:

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For me:

  1. Athena
  2. Alasie
  3. King Arthur
  4. Isarnia
  5. Magni

King Arthur, Isarnia and Magni are very close, almost tied [for me]


Ofc Athena and Alasie are over the top. But I think Richard is way underestimated.

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Nobody mentioned Aegir. Doing me a sad.

I guess maybe that is because everybody considered high damage as the core issue of the thread.

Richard is underrated. He’s certainly no HOTM, but he hits fairly hard and his attack debuff can win a raid for you at the right time and it lasts for 6 turns. If you can’t get a HOTM you could do much worse. That “much worse” being Thorne. Who is the worst hero in the game.


People really hate on Aegir far more than is deserved. They nerfed him from being a God to a mere mortal, which brought him far more in line with the rest of the field and people lost their minds. He’s no longer the best tank in the game, but he is still outstanding on offense in a blue stack.

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He never were the best tank in the game…

This is like saying that Musashi’s autoheal is strong 'cause he is Wu Kong’s friend.

No, it’s much more akin to saying that Zimkitha is really strong on offense if you run her as part of a red stack, as opposed to if she is the only red on your raid team. The ridiculous expectation that heroes be spectacular in all aspects of the game regardless of team comp otherwise they are useless grows tiresome. Yes, he’s a shadow of his original self, but his original self was far too strong. I understand that people are disappointed that he didn’t live up to his original potential but that doesn’t make him unusable, and the irrational hatred constantly spouted by a very vocal minority comes off more as the whining of petulant children than as well reasoned critique.

Yes, he is far from unusable but it’s easily replaced. I guess that his best usage is to allow players to attack with tiles heroes under counterattack effect and to make the rare tiger a bit less hard but those things are easily replaced by other methods.

We could say that it is good that he make your heroes share damage but it’s bad that said heroes are only three (without an allround +DEF buff like older spirit link heroes & Wilbur) and that the buff is too short.

Other than that yes, he is usable and it’s good as defensive tank while shielding Azlar & other heavyweight heroes… for FTP players.


  1. look at her
  2. just look at her
  3. she’s a goddess
  4. she was voted miss E&P
  5. one more look




He is no longer a defensive monster like he originally was, and I sincerely believe that people still trying to view him in that role is a major part of why there is such disappointment with him. Try running him for offense as a blue 3 stack with two of a different color. Have the two off-color heroes flanking him and the other blues on the edges. Aegir effectively then becomes a healer for your entire team and provides a really good amount of sustain. It’s not as flashy as a sniper one-shotting an enemy, but his role is to keep the others alive so that they can put in work.

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