Other raid with attack team must be defense team

maybe this is inspired by another game. create a battle mode when our attacking team wins the battle, our team must be a defensive team and have a chance to be attacked by other players. maybe this mode will make players use rainbow attack team.

Using rainbow attack teams is not the best way to play this game. Most battles against top defenses are done in just a few turns, no nearly enough for a rainbow team to charge. Why would anybody use a rainbow attack team, beats me… Personally, before Telluria+20 became the usual target, I used 3/2, but I turned mono ever since and it works very well, can’t see any reason to switch to rainbow.

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That is just new idea dude, new raid mode. When you must use your best defense team to attack other player.

It’s an interesting concept, and once upon a time I did use mostly rainbow for raiding.

But realistically speaking? If I had to use my rainbow raid defense team to attack my own defense team, I would absolutely get destroyed without an awesome board. Because defenders have +20% defense, +20% attack, and charge mana at a faster rate.

Rainbow is simply not feasible at higher levels. Even those with fully emblemed GTV defenses are most likely color stacking when attacking other GTV teams.

The asymmetry was baked into E&P from the beginning, so while it might be a fun side trip, I really don’t see this being viable.

At a minimum: much of the variation amongst the Heroes would disappear, because none of them could afford to specialize. Bland, general-purpose Heroes would reign, and the rating of “good” and “bad” Heroes would become much more linear.