Other Games?!


So, What games have you played? Could be Computer wise, console, Phone, etc.

I am only going to comment on Computer games myself, And Only also, Specific Consoles.

I really enjoy mmorpgs, I have played, Runescape(before it was lame)^2yrs, Conquer Online^7yrs off&on, Rappelz^18mo’s, Shaiya^1yr, Forsaken World(awesome)^2yrs, Battle of the Immortals(wasn’t into it)^3mos, Seven Dragons(BBG eh it was pretty cool for what it was and I was BA)^18mos, Probably more but memory fades.

On An Android Tablet, I played the hell outta Andors Trail, Also I pwn at Tetris. On my phone I play E&P, and sometimes I play Eternium.

Consoles I have played within the last year were, Regular NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and xbox 360. Kicking it old school. :DD -Rax-


MMO - World Of Warcraft (4yrs from vanilla) now occasionally play on a private vanilla server…
Im also a retro gamer and love my modded wii. Lots of classics snes games… :grin:


Truthfully I tend to play one game at a time…so this is my game now.

I have played video games on one console or another (including the 3D0) for 33 years. Heh.

My favorite go-to game when I have 3 hours to kill is Journey (PS3/PS4), simply for its immersive and deeply calming gameplay.


I have a good collection of games which include those that you have mentioned. I usually play them with my friends on every weekend. I prefer playing these games through online subscription from sites like Gamestop, Greenmangaming, Press-start, Gamesdeal, etc. I have recently played grand theft auto, Call of duty, Assassins creed, these are very interesting and I really enjoyed playing them. While talking about consoles, I have a PS3, Ps4 and 3DS together with my brother.


I have this game on my IPhone. On the web, I have been playing a game called Star Wars Combine (www.swcombine.com) for about 10 years now. Only ever had one character there, he’s not a Jedi but I’m a billionaire lol. If any of you also play there and want to talk let me know. If you have been around for any amount of time and or are important, I.e royalty, faction owner or leader or successful trader like myself, chances are we may already know each other or have done business!