Other alternate form off communication

What are the BEST and SAFEST popular alternative apps besides this one, that most Empires and Puzzles player fans are a part of?

I’ve seen players using LINE, Discord, Facebook, and WhatsApp, at the least.

My impression is that more people on the Forum seem to use LINE than others, but I imagine that varies by country/region and portion of the player community.

I’d imagine, for instance, that if you went on the Facebook E&P groups that a lot of those people are using Facebook to communicate with their alliances too.

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I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Discord. Customizable setup for chat rooms in the app and no annoying chattering from the app asking u to buy stickers. It rocks.

We like discord. Easy to use and a couple of times we set up a separate channel with our war opponent to share battle videos.

Our players can set their own channel and put screenshots of their rosters in order to get advice.

The private messaging is invaluable so you can chat with a member regarding their activity and let them have a private way to explain what’s happening in their life at the moment.

And who doesn’t like cat and dog photos :smile:

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