Orthodox Easter

Why in the Easter calendar on April 8 is not worth it with a gift “free”. April 8 Orthodox Easter. There are a lot of players in the game who celebrate Easter on April 8th. You hurt our feelings.

Haha! In my religion I celebrate this time of year with generous gifts every day.

It is called Freeaster.


Please, don’t make it a religious issue.
I don’t think they want to hurt anyones feelings.

Just pretend it’s in the right date for you.


…and some people don’t celebrate Easter at all. It’s hard to fit everyone’s expectations, they just chose the most common date. It was the same with Christmas event & offers.

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I dont think @Adeliona was serious.

I know I for sure wasnt haha!

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Easter? Who said anything about Easter? It’s a Spring event, as labelled, hence the bunnies and eggs and rainbows - fecundity and new life, with the end of winter, you see.

There’s no religious connection, I’m sure. If there were, my town would be covered in crosses, populated by Roman soldiers and topped with a crown of thorns, instead of the strictly secular rainbows and colourful eggs I see.