🔪 Orla - 4* Nature / Green from Slayers of Fell Shadows

Couple questions about Orla’s specials.
Does the second replace the first or is it in addition to the first when an enemy is less than half health? I get that specials act in order. But I’m not sure about exactly what they do.
Does the “less than 50% health” apply to Titans as well?

It is an either or special.
It is similar to Kage, C Azlar and Wolf. She will hit 230 when enemy is heathy, if less healthy they get 460. So she doesn’t damage twice.
Applicable to Titans too, but only on special. Tile damage is not affected.

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Thanks. I would have worded the skills differently, but then I’m not in charge.

Whats the best emblem path?

I would give him attack related nodes + health nodes where possible.


She is a finisher/ snipper. If you take her through attack node you will get the below stats. She also needs to survive, so i will balance her def and health. If you have another slayer, she becomes very powerful.
Power: 772 (base 677)
Attack: 759 (base 635)
Defense: 736 (base 680)
Health: 1395 (base 1285)

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I just finished her and ended up with:
Power: 777
Attack: 744
Defense: 736
Health: 1431

Guess I went some Health instead of Attack. Gun shy from the squishiness of Grimm and Colen haha

Did you limit break her?

Here is mine, which is limit broken.

Emblem Path

I use her with the other 2 4* red Slayers for tournaments. Very fun.


I am planning to. But not on priority. I ended up getting Fogg and Alaise from free pulls this month. So priority has changed. I will break her once these projects are done. Also ranger emblems suddenly became high priority. So have to rethink.

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Just fully trained Orla, and I’m liking her so far. Refreshing cause I needed another green 4* sniper. I think I’ll emblem her , and possibly limit break her too. I also just trained Aodhan, who I’m not really interested in, but together they may make a great pair.


Aodham is great. Hit all, mini self healer, slayer mana is faster than slow, sturdy stats. No complaints limited breaking and maxing him.

I’m in the mist embleming Orla thinking she will also serve me well.

I got Orla. Nice hero with mana skill but she needs a buff. Increase her attack from 260% to 350% and let the 460% the same. Or make 460% her first hit and 350% her second hit to a random enemy.


She will get a costume buff you will have to gamble for

Mine 75 +20 and respectable, I suppose. I just used my gems on the latest Covenant portal and roster space. I was hoping for damage dealers in green. I have so many healers and support type heroes in green. I got some nice heroes from my summons, but no greens.

I am strongly considering going to 80 with her and wondering if anyone else has. At her current state, her A value is 800. By level 80 it’s probably 900 or so on top of get A boost. It would probably help.


Almost slow(11 tiles) ans conditioal sniper. Thats why i dont recommend going for 4/80.
If you really wish to make 4* hero to 4/80, i would recommend C3-Caedmon.

PS: I still did not LB 3*&4* heroes. Going to wait a little longerr for alpha aethers to be more abundant

Where do you use her? I would want to like this hero, but i just never seem to pick her in any team…

She’s too slow and doesn’t hit hard enough to really make an impact. She should be better than she is.