🔪 Orla - 4* Nature / Green from Slayers of Fell Shadows

I got her today. I wasnt impressed by the card, just the art, but reading at your comments here made me smile. Is she that good? I have greens like almur or teltukk i want to max but if shes that good i could simply change priorities


I maxed emblemed and LB her. She is quite good. She is an exceptional finisher. Worst case, they are above 50% and get the mana ailment with some damage.

Of course, sending her out with Cillian and Aodhan sometimes makes things extra enjoyable.


I used my maxed emblemed and limit broken Orla for this slayers challenge. With the 20% boost I used her instead of Lianna even on legendary. A monster!!


Nice! i love that 4.5☆ heroes because they offer really solid stats to be a 4☆ hero and come with a powerful special too. It feels like pulling a pseudo legendary at my lvl.

I will give some love to this blonde archer


I am in the same situation. I also got Wren ftom the Knights (not levelled yet, but she might also be a serious contender. I would dismiss Jack o’ Hare, and actually Caedmon too… he’s a decent hero, but - Costume or no Costume - he’s yesterday’s hero and just not good enough. Marcel or Orla…I think I stick with Orla for the mana she gets.

Can I get you to share the card? :blush:



Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:
Looks very nice!


Please let me know what you think of my Hero Review for Orla below! Thanks

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