*Original* MISFIT TOYS is currently [CLOSED]

Okay! The door is shut. Final seat is spoken for. Thanks so much for reading! :grin:


Y’all are full already??!! Dang! Grats! There I was going to try to offer you advice on how to recruit, but it turns out that I should have been asking for your advice, instead!!

We have a few who are visiting friends. Might have one more fulltime slot, but I’ll confirm that when all the cats are home! :grin:

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This thread is for posting info on the availability of spots in our alliance Misfit Toys, and interest in said spots. Any posts regarding other items are “off-topic” and will be removed.

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@Rook, I dropped u a msg in Line. Lost my Line account when switching phones. Stupid me :see_no_evil:

Got you! Welcome back to Toys Line. :grin:

In other news, we have room for 2 more Toys in the box! Post here or PM me if interested. :wink:

Line ID: chibipotato16

The Toybox is full! Thanks for your time. I’ll post again the next time we have a spot in Musical Chairs. :smile:

Misfit Toys is looking for misfits! If you have a minimum of 3500 team power, 30 heroes for war (leveled please), and love kicking Titan butt, post below or buzz me on Line: chibipotato16

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Psst. Empty seat. Your name on it. Fun fun fun! :grin:


sets out elaborate cat trap


I honestly almost wish I weren’t so happy with my current alliance…


knock, knock…

door swings wide and snap! gotcha! :smile:

Other awesome alliances make me happy! I’m glad yours is good! :heart:

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I am too lol. But I’d be tempted otherwise. :smile: :cat:

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From the Line AR rooms:

A few long-term players are taking a game hiatus to attend to RL. We have some open chairs therefore. Buzz me in Line if interested, or post below. BRATUL!! :wink:

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Any awesome folks out there looking for a home?

We have a few requirements:

  • 3500+TP
  • Full on Titans / War
  • Line app
  • Housebroken

But we’re also loads of fun, we have tons of data in our Line Archive for you to use at any time, we regularly down 11* Titans, and I promise to bake cookies. :grin:


For now the door swings shut. Thanks for your interest! (The one open spot is spoken for.)

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We have a visitor for this war. Search for one player resumes after. :slight_smile: