Original 5 stars

Are you going to go back and modify some of the original 5 stat heroes? Their skills are not up to par with the newer 5 stars.

All of the weaker 5*, both regular and event, have received some uptweaks in the past several months. Most are now not embarrassing, but a few (I’m looking at you, Thorne and Elkanen) are still deeply sub-par. And it’s not just the regular 5*: Sargasso and Guardian Kong are perhaps even worse than Thorne and Elkanen.

SG needs to make new heroes better than the regular one because of their business model. If the best heroes were all available for free from TC20, why would I ever buy gems to pull event heroes and HotM? And if we didn’t buy gems, who is paying the devs’ salaries?

Well, this puts E&P into P2W category rather than F2P, if you think about it.

Which is a sad model to say the least.

I’ll gladly take tile skins, sounds, magic effects, hero skins, payed leveling, hero fusion and many other things, in exchange for my money.

And have equal footing hero-wise accross the game.

But that’s just me :wink:


Yeah they need to buff/nerf several heroes. Mostly the “Slow” 5* ones. Hero usage rates are easy to read. Top 100 defense line ups tell the story.

This is a great example of how screwed the system is…a higher level 5 star is rated higher but is weaker than a lower level 4 star…■■■

The class system coming in 2019 is supposed to bring more value to season 1 heros…but it wont lol because the same skills can be applied to season 2, hotm, and event heros that already have more and better skills than season 1. So yea greed is pushing the game into a corner. Been coming for awhile. Search either p2w or f2p and you’ll see this concern addressed by many players but ignored by devs.

Things wont change. Devs need a paycheck. Players are willing to pay for an edge. It’s the perfect storm that will end up with a dead game sooner than the devs are anticipating.

Until they give f2p and c2p some kind of way to at least attempt to catch up with the p2w players and heros then the problem will only get bigger.

There is a need to maintain F2P viable with P2W. If the power ratio of P2W to F2P goes too far in the favor of P2W, then a few things start to happen:

  1. The P2W upper crust only faces itself at an elevated level, this results in stagnation and boredom, ultimately player loss.

  2. The F2P playerbase sees a widening gulf whereby competition with P2W at endgame becomes unachievable, losing both F2P and some P2W.

  3. The need for ever increasing hero power and subsequent inability to deliver place the game in a sort of idea bankruptcy which ultimately loses player base.

To this end, taking a step back and strengthening TC20 heroes and F2P in general at this point in the game would buy developers some breathing room for releasing new content and better solidify the bases.

A simpler game mechanism where some of past years HOTMs were available on TC20s would certainly make the F2P base happier while simultaneously giving some P2W a reason to run TC20, thereby substantially lowering hero output for feeders from TCs across the board.

In short, this could extend a period of profitability by a few months while not being forced to deliver new products. The Atlantis gate could then also be better utilized to deliver S2 heroes.


All true. And point 1 is definitely already happening without a doubt. Look at how many players cup drop just to see opponent varieties and how many complain about the same guin/grave/zel/panther teams we see put together over and over and over. Game is becoming stale for many players. Even wars are getting to the point of seeing same team setups.


Really, they need to keep enough on TC20 that 95% or more of the playerbase ‘has’ to run one. This really does impact how fast the population can level.

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I’d put it slightly differently—I wish the Classic heroes were generally good enough that everyone would want to include one or more. There are a few grade-A heroes from TC20 (e.g. Sartana) and some Cs from events (e.g. Sargasso) and Season 2 (e.g. Mok-Arr), but generally the skew towards heroes behind the paywall is becomin increasingly clear.


Even just small tweaks to the heros you mentioned would help.

Give kashreks fire defense buff to elkanen
Give thorne kirils attack buff to nearby allies
Small tweaks like that

When we have p2w heros that have special skills so long they cant fit into 1 screenshot but we still have old 5* with 1 liner special skills, to me it shows some imbalance

A lot of players are still lacking old 5* or havent maxed the ones they have or have even ate some of them so there is still profit to be made by buffing them a tad

If the P2W portion is already stomping on worms on the sidewalk with F2P and everyone else and has a substantial backlog of 5* to level, throwing more on that pile to sate a few whales will unbalance and crash the system fairly quickly.

You can milk a cow hundreds of times, but only bleed it once.

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