Orichalcum Nuggets need to get some

Does anyone know where to get the orichalcum nugget… I have used 2 energy flask on 1-5-8 and didn’t get a single nugget… anybody have a better place to acquire them. Thank you

Maybe you can increase your chances slightly by following the farming guide, but it’s mostly luck based and nuggets are one of the rarest items that can be farmed.


I also farm 5/8 when I dont solve missions.
But more important for me: I keep all red flasks until AR (14/7) to build a stock for a month


Yes I already have this on my spreadsheet and haven’t gotten anything. Hate to waste flask on this and loot tickets… before I was getting them a fair amount but now it seems like I can not get one for the life of me

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Yes I notice that on this last AR. Think I will start doing the same thanks. It just that AR is still a week or two any I believe.

Every item which is out of stock seem to become even more rare, but it could be a feeling only.

I suggest you keep all the flasks in this world for Atlantis Rises and use there all of them. You’ll get plenty of them by doing that.

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I like to use season 2, map 12-2. Have had luck at least for me for nuggets

I follow a regular farming path for my monster chest: 6.8, 7.4, 7.7, 8.5, 8…7 11.9, 12.9, 13.3.

Never short of nuggets, but could sure do with a good supply of midnight roots, I seem to be pretty heavy on them.

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Do you do one of each or a full WE on each of them. Curious??? That is amazing…

Just one flag on each daily.EDIT @Jblue03, that is to say 3 WE up to 8.7 and then 4 WE from 11.9 up)

I have been trying to get those nuggets for days. Used flasks to farm 2.14,16 & 18 several times. Got one in the last 7 days. I used to rely on tornadoes but haven’t been able to make them anymore.

6-8 has delivered a good supply for me in the past

I use S1 5-6 for farming and I have a good supply of nuggets over 1000 and I make tornadoes every day

You have to mix up your farming while filling that monster chest fast. So many people just farm one level and then are disappointed by lack of farmables. Make your basic farming list by level… (all S1) 6.8, 7.4, 7.7, 8.7, 12.9, (then exp drops off again), 13.3 and then lvl 16 - 17.1 (depending on level)… You may just like to add 11.9 and 12.7 to the mix.

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