Orichalcum Nuggets in s2, 14

I’ve tried a little with S2 14, 16, and 18 but haven’t been very impressed. I think S2 18-5 gave up a couple nuggets in 4 runs, but none from 14 or 16. I have to agree with @PeachyKeen that running S1 5-8 appears to still be more efficient per flag. I do plan more runs during next Atlantis Rises.

Sure wish SG would loosen up the drop percentage.


Ive been very disappointed in nugget and meteor drops.

However 24-9 is amazing for roots.


I have been farming 2:14,16 and 18 as suggested and after 100 loot tickets, and many hundred WE, I got ONE. I used to get them often. Been out of tornadoes for weeks.

S2 1.2 hard gets me one every 3 or so turns, similar to the dragon skull drop. That combined with the backpacks makes it my favourite lev to farm

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Still after all this time— season 1, 5-8 is best for nuggets.

Getting frustrated, burned 40WE and barely got any nuggets.

Where do you farm for them?

Last Atlantis i used some 460 loot tickets farming Season 2 Hard 12/10 (8 WE) and got something like 1 nugget every 3 or 4 rounds. I switched to Season 2 Hard 18/10 (9 WE) this time and got more nuggets, about 2 every 3 runs.

The former yields more Grimoire Dust and maybe Atlantis Coins though but i’ll stick to the latter going forward.

Season 1, 5-8 is still the best for nuggets.

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I’ve just done 6 runs in season 2 1:9 and got 4 nuggets and 5 bones so I’m sticking with here it was just a random hit as I had 7 flags left and when I got a nugget I did a few more runs and got 3 more! Did 4 more runs one at 1:9 normal got a nugget then 3 runs of hard and got 2 more!

Just did 3 runs and not a single nugget :pensive:

In 1:9? I just did 4 lots of 7 runs and got a nugget for every 7 runs it sounds a lot but at least they are dropping here

I just spent 18 loot tickets & a flask. That’s the results. Either you’re very lucky, either I’m very unlucky.

I’m sorry it is all random but I’ve not done 7 runs and not got a nugget plus the other loot is decent FYI I go through about 26 flasks in Atlantis lol

Is there anything new? :smiley:

I know it sucks! What can you do hun


Just for anyone else that searches this thread some more results from season 2 1:9 bearing in mind each image is from 7 runs but as you can see this is the best place I’ve found I’ve done numerous runs elsewhere and got none at all!

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this level still working this Atlantis

I guess it’s all random. 17 runs (one flask) and not a single one.