Orichalcum nugget dropping issue

hi. we cant find orichalcum nugget material at any map season 1 and season 2 . we need that material for tornado battle item. but we cant droping it from any map . pls help this issue .thx.


It’s not easy to find but 8-7 provides some. Season1

5.8 the best for it!

8-7 S1
3-10 (Hard)* S2
Those are my best way to get them
Daily getting about 12~20 of them.
How ever I never needed to use any of my tornados.


I also find it hard to find Orichalcum in any of the suggested provinces. Formally the dropping rate was definitely better.

I highly highly hiiiighly doubt this numbers. Unless you buy 15+ world energy refills a day…

I don’t have to lie lol.
What would benefit me from trolling you?
And I am a C2P only buy VIPs.
So I don’t buy W.E I use my gems in events on heroes.

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Because 20 nuggets a day is just unrealistic


That is no reason to me to troll you.
Lol … if you don’t buy it fine. This aint make it less truth to me. I do get em daily !
When ever I need to farm those levels I get em, and I mainly do those satges only for recruits or fast filling the monesters chest.

I did never call any of these „troll“ stuff or whatsoever - you are making this up on your own. I‘m just saying that I „hiiiiighly doubt“ those numbers.
I hope you do not believe everything posted on the internet - it‘s full of wrong advertisement and (coughing) numbers.


Its not one of the places where its advertised to be high but I get them really often when I play season 2 province 1 level 1 for backpacks. Could be a fluke but idk

I guess he has some reasons to not totally trust it.
If you don’t buy WE, 20 nuggets a day means almost 50% of dropping in a 3 flag zone.

Honestly, almost 50% is really high even for wooden sword, a 1* item.
Not even mention a 4*

I personally farm 6-8 and it give me back a good amount of nuggets, but really poor on meteor fragment (wich i farm 7-4)


We won’t get “enhanced” orichalcum drops until much much later in S2. There’s already a beta map of this.

The only high-end loot item right now that’s available is dragon bones on s2, province 9.

(I find it disturbing that Hard level S2, 9-10 is 11 world energy. These energy levels just seem to be getting excessive for too little return)

Then there is some thing wrongwith my RGN … but I think its sort of fair deal. I have great bad luck in chests, titan loots, Heroes pulls but good amout of drops in farming maps.
I’d like to trade my RGN with any one who get good heroes pulls.
Come get my nuggets :rofl:

I just checked a big farming sheet on 7D Discord. Best Nugget dropping Chance has stage 5-8 Season 1. Its average Nugget per flag is 0.05. That means ON AVERAGE you have to spend 20 flags for one Nugget when you farm purely this level. For 20 Nuggets you ON AVERAGE will need 400 Flags. So my rough guess with 15 energy refills needed for 20 Nuggets/day was quite accurate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::hugs:

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I usually only run 8-7 for the recruits. And i craft tornados too.

Honestly the only issue here is that you use too many tornadoes. The reason it’s hard to find nuggets is that you’re not supposed to be able to craft unlimited numbers of tornadoes. It’s a balancing mechanism.

You must limit your tornado use to about the rate that you can find the nuggets.

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