Orichalcum dragon

Where do I find the orichalcum dragon

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The Orichalchum SeaDragons are only available during Atlantis Rises, the monthly event that lower Season 2 World Energy Cost and gives 50% more loot by level beaten

The Oricchalchum Seadragons are RANDOM monsters that will drop Atlantis Coins when you encounter and manage to kill them :slight_smile:

Atlantis Rises last from Thursday to Sunday, starting on the 4th Thursday of the month, along with the Atlantis Summons Portal.

So, the next time the SeaDragons will be available is on next Thursday, the 22nd


All through the Atlantis Rises which starts the 22nd of this month. They are scattered throughout. What Some have decided is it seams some levels later in hard mode produces the most of these.

They will not drop them where you see them but after the level when you see a few extra atlantis coins in the description of your gains is where you see them

They actually drop them when you kill them (the animation lol) but you’ll only GET the loot upon completion of the stage, you’re correct.

Just like all stages loot in E&P

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HMMM ok I just do not remember the animations

It’s the same like when you kill a regular monster and tiny chests or iron+ham drops and go to the top of screen. But it’s Tiny Atlantis Coins when you kill a SeaDragon

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@Rohn, I finished killing these sea donkeys.

I found 2-9-9H gave the best drops, granted it’s higher flags but try that stage and compare. Two of my alliance mates also finished the mission, we found that was best stage.


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