Order of Trials for Emblems

Hi all,

I just wonder, does anybody know the order in which the Trials will be coming? Did it have any logical order in beta?


I don’t think we know for sure yet, but several people have asked, and I’ve been suggesting staying tuned for updates from @Mariamne here:


Thanks, but it doesn’t say that. Although rather than logging a new thread I should’ve added it to the existing one.

@Mariamne @Kerridoc @RandaPandah Can you please reveal in which order the trials were coming in beta?

@Kerridoc As there is no need for a separate thread, can you please merge both together?



I guess no one is sure of it.
I mean, trials are many and i do not personally observe the order they spawn, but even if i observed it probably can re-cycle only 1 time in beta before it get closed, and there’s no guarantee it follow the same logic in real game.

Developers do not said it, i don’t recall beta tester asked, and we just have to wait and see.
We were more focused on how much this trials must spawn rather than the order even in beta :grin:


I’ll leave this thread here for the time being—a don’t like to clutter up #player-guides if there’s no substantial information. I didn’t keep notes about the order that these trials appeared in beta, unfortunately. I could probably unearth it by sorting through the beta forum. Not yet that bored.


Any idea when the next one is coming? I thought these were twice a week

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As the first trial came on 16 January 9am GMT, I expect next one after 3.5 days = 19 January 9pm GMT.


Can you tell my how did you reach that timeline?

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It’s simple: There are 2 trials per week. 1 week = 7 days. 7 / 2 = 3.5 days. First trial appeared on 16 January 9am GMT, so as calculated above, next one should appear on 19 January 9pm GMT.


Fine print disclaimer: “all warranties are hereby excluded. nes offers no guarantee that SGG will follow these calculations. Use this information at your own risk.” :wink:


“my” Trials played with dates :
2018-11-29 Serenity
2018-11-30 Survival
2018-12-01 Piety
2018-12-02 Decimation
2018-12-03 Nature
2018-12-04 Shadows
2018-12-06 Strength
2018-12-07 Fortitude
2018-12-08 Mysticism
2018-12-09 Serenity
2018-12-10 Strength
2018-12-11 Fortitude
2018-12-12 Mysticism
2018-12-13 Serenity
2018-12-14 Survival
2018-12-15 Justice (10:42)
2018-12-15 Piety (18:25)
2018-12-16 Decimation
2018-12-17 Nature
2018-12-18 Shadows
2018-12-19 Justice
2018-12-20 Strength
2018-12-21 Fortitude
2018-12-26 Decimation
2018-12-29 Justice
2018-12-30 Strength
2019-01-04 Piety
2019-01-06 Nature
2019-01-07 Shadows
2019-01-08 Justice


Thank you so much! You are very methodical. Very impressive!!! :+1:


Was hopin they were in a consistent rotation

Info is appreciated tho

We had many updates during beta tests.


So, if my analysis is correct, we can expect a new quest trial anytime between now and tomorrow morning and it will be:

FORTITUDE trial, which allows classes of :

Any betting agents, please don’t forget my commission :slight_smile:


Most of the Strength trials were followed by Fortitude, which may mean a planned pattern. There was one exception close to the end, which might be tuning up of some trials.


@Rigs as per above list pattern

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Lol forgot we did strength. Was thinking we did survival

Oh and after is mysticism… Hope i can do second stage… I think i have 5 heroes… 2 unleveled…

Lol… For shadows i have 3 heroes - stage 1 i hope :smile:

I thought maybe it was just the counting that was hard. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Everything is hard for me mmmkay

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