Order of Items Maximize Hit Vs Blue Titan

Hi All,

Looking to do a big hit vs a 11* Rare Unicorn Blue Titan.

My team is Evelyn, Tarlak +5, The rat, Kingston +9’ Kingston +7

Assume I’m taking Scroll, Major Mana, Dragon banner

is the hurricane or shield better the better 4th option?

Plan is to ignite Tarlak and Evelyn right away. Then if it’s a good green board do you ignite rat then use the scroll or scroll the rat? Is the a certain number of turns to wait to optimize use the scroll or just keep firing them.

My high is 133k for a bit and due to scroll cost this is probably a one time shot so want to get the order right and maybe crack 200k.Love any help!

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This could help


Rats ability only works with tiles present when he fires, so scroll then rat. Problem is scroll can set off an auto match, but that’s the risk you take

And definitely take hurricane or timestop, shield isn’t great since the nerf

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Great Vid!! Would not have thought to do 2 scrolls in a row.

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I would have done super mana on Tarlak and evelyn first, set them off and then use 2 scrolls… to cause more damage.