Orcish Empire is recruiting

Our Alliance, Orcish Empire, with ambitions to reach Top100 (we’re almost there, having 135k-140k points when we’re on), has 1 slot for you.

About us:

  1. We clash with 10*-11* titans, have usually pretty nice loots.
  2. We love wars with strategy, and are often victorious.
  3. we do respect real life (vacations, dayoffs are totally OK)
  4. We respect each other, never rush to smash titans - we make sure everyone gets loots.
  5. We have a lot of fun, cool challenges, support and info in our Line-Chats.

Only requirements are:

  1. You know a little bit of German, at least some basics.
  2. You have a 3500+ TP Defteam
  3. You are active and eager to grow, develop, enhance your roster.

If you are interested, just react on this post or text me in line app - my ID is AlexBoerboel

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.