Orb of the Rising Dragon Looking for Active and Addicted Members

greetings everyone!

we created this awesome alliance, “Orb of the Rising Dragon” and are looking for specific new members…

first and foremost active and addicted players!

in this alliance we have rules that set us apart and keep everyone active!

each member gets promoted right away when joining to “elder”…but gets demoted if rules are broken. rules are as follows…
1)no drama
2)must hit titan
3)must use all war flags (coopertively) or opt out…
4) Line app is required

you can also be promoted to co leader after a certain period of time and even be included in our high council of leaders for a turn at being leader! …each of us leaders opted into the circle, and take turns being leaders. because of this we not only have one leader but several…so leadership is on point always!

wars are fought using specific strategies in mind…further details will be given after you join, to limit stolen secrets ;-)…

we have a solid team of all active members, and seek super cool new active individuals, due to demands of higher level titans…we need to grow our numbers but want only ppl who will enjoy this positive haven we have created for gamer addicts like us!

please come check us out :-)…we are looking forward to new FRIENDS…thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!

Look for DarkDragonMystic or Angelheart61967 on Line app for any questions you may have.

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