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Hello Developers/Support,

I updated when the update was available. I would “Report a Bug”; however I can only access the forums on my tablet. I went to report a bug on cell and I have been unable to get that far. I was about to report and a box popped up and was gone in only a couple of seconds. The box said “User Error” and was gone without clicking the “x” to close it. This has happened 3 times. I would show you but I can’t click screen shot before the box disappears.

I was going to report that I am having problems editing my Alliance Description. Though I think not being able to Report a Bug because there is a bug in the Option/Support window is a bigger bug.

Thank you.

The details on how to best contact customer support are at the following link. The bottom of the page has a link that will let you contact them directly without going through the bugged ingame method.


Hi to all.
First, sorry on my english. I just notice that my yellow hero Bane lost levels. Yesterday, he was on lvl. 27 (I am pretty sure).
Now, I have 2 Banes, both on lvl. 1. Can you help me? I am the new player, this is my 4th day playing this game.

You’ve leveled your bane. Bane was 1/27 and now he 2/1

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I updated the game via the appstore and now the Inga buttons only shoe half, if that, of the letters. Fix it Pronto.

I have had nothing but issues since I updated. Raids have force closed and the event has force closed. Costing energy. Same happened when I attacked the titan last night. I keep getting a network error whenever it forces me out.

Please everyone that are posting your complaints here make sure you are going to the link above to report to the Developers directly. Thank you for the link. @Paulon Just so there is no confussion I am NOT a Developer.

Пожалуйста, все, которые вывешивать ваши жалобы здесь убедитесь, что вы идете по ссылке выше, чтобы сообщить разработчикам напрямую. Спасибо за ссылку. @Paulon просто так нет никакой суеты я не являюсь разработчиком

Tnx for answer. As I said, I am new in this game.

Estava na guerra, no primeiro ataque, deu bug no sistema e saiu do jogo. Retornei e perdi uma partida e meus guerreiros. Não chegou a atacar. Foi as 12:40 no dia 16-5-18

Boa tarde. Eu comprei gemas, 03 vezes. É não recebi minhas gemas. Quero que verifiquem, por favor.

Not getting it. I do that and it doesn’t take me to a box to write like here. Also, there is no way in forum I can find to submit fresh suggestions for myself to do.

I am finding this complicated


Find the ‘Submit a request’ link on that (or any other) FAQ page, click on it, and follow the instructions.

Is it possible to consider putting in a third builder? Not all that have the $$ are thrilled with the ideal. How’ve I have high anxiety disorder and this would really help me much.

WHERE is that bloody REPORT THE PROBLEM, ACTUAL BUTTON/PLACE?!?! I don’t want to READ about “how to file”, I need the place WHERE TO FILE, THAT ACTUALLY WORKS?!? Game is BROKEN: stuff is NOT being “disspelled”; OVERcharged enemy to THE ABSURD, killing my lvl 2500 team in ONE HIT, AND on wave ONE?!?!?
& not to mention LOWER lvl raiders that can’t be beat, WHERE do I ACTUALLY get to file THAT?!?

Tried that! ■■■■ just takes me IN CIRCLES!?!

At approx 12:05 PST I completed a war attack where I killed off the team. At that time the game stopped and when i loasded back in I was given 0 points and the team on the war I defeated went back to the status prior to my attack.

Good evening. I just want to report that I was kicked from the war while I was attacking. I didn’t even get any points from the damage I have done. Please check this situation as it happened with more of my alliance members. Kind regards. Noxy

@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky This thread should probably be closed. It seems to be ending up with very occasional random posts that are off-topic, foreign language, or just in the wrong place.

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