Optional Message with Kick from Alliance

When you kick a member from an alliance, how about adding the ability to optionally leave a message letting the person know why he/she was kicked.


Would be nice if we could leave a message why we kicked out a member from an alliance. So when we click on “kick out” would be ok if we could let them know why. Also not everybody reads chat and if I could use mentions like @membername, I could tell them important informations. Some chats are full of messages and this way would be easier to let somebody know something important.


That would be so nice and so much better than the member not knowing the reason

100% agree. I warned a guy a couple times in chat that he was breaking alliance rules, he never responded (which is fine, we are a quiet alliance), but he also kept not spending all his war energy, and not opting out (which is seriously like our only rule - opt out or all war flags). So I had to boot him, despite him being a regular contributor on titans. I don’t even know if he understood what was going on with war or if he just never read the rules or what.

Either way, when I gave him the boot it would have been really great to give him the reason, if for no other reason than to let him know he’s actually welcome back when he is ready to follow the rules.


That’s why alliances need alternate online chat accounts, such as Line. Most top alliances require joining up in those too. Most midlevel alliances at least have those accounts.

Yeah, we have similar problem. There is a guy who is active but uses only 3 flags in war and maybe he doesn’t know that there will be 6 in total. I wrote to him on chat but He doesn’t read it.

We have facebook but not everybody uses it. I and there are many members who doesn’t like facebook chat… And those will only read the game chat.

I was in one that had alternate chat app, and hated it. I’m trying to get together people who have their sutff figured out and can play without innane chatter. I woke up to 50+ messages across three different
rooms and all kinds of drama every day. It was completely unnecessary. I’d rather leave chat open for only the most important messages, ie: discipline. If there’s only one message to read, and it’s letting someone know that they are violating alliance rules, that shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with.

Everything else (general strategies, online resources, etc) I put into a 2 page alliance charter that is linked via a tinyurl in the banner message. I figure keep the communication as simple as possible and there is less chance of it being misinterpretted.

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Yes communication inside a game is horrible. This must be improved.

This would be awesome.


It would have to be a pre approved message. Because. Humans.

Click for alternative idea

I would like to be able to enter a message when I kick a member, if the member don’t have line or any other client to contact them true it’s hard to let them know why they got kicked from the alliance.

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