Option to use loot tickets in S2 is gone?

When i logged in (3/12/2020) i no longer have the option to use loot tickets in S2. The option is available in S1 and S3. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Are you using it on a stage you’ve already completed? Screenshots please.


Have you already done that lvl?


Yes i’ve beaten the stage and have been able to use loot tickets in S2. Went to use it for the POV Dense Fog for today and the autowin was gone

This is what the S2 screen looks like

Look closely it’s set for hard mode… And on stages it show 3/8 coins this means you haven’t completed hard mode lvl on S2…
Swap to normal mode and you’ll be able to use tickets again…
This is related with (I say it’s an issue/bug) already reported when you switch to hard mode either in s3 or s2 it blocks for all seasons.


What @Rfm said.

Fight through the hard stages first and win them. Then you’ll be able to use loot tickets on them.

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