Option to sort heroes

It would be nice if you added the “sort by stars” option so that you can view the deck neatly with 5 * - 4 * - 3 * heroes

This is literally in the game…

In your roster, hit the arrow things in the top left corner.

Then select “rarity” option…

Will sort your heroes by the stars…


It’s not the same, they are mixed based on your hero level, so I’m 5 * in the middle of 4 *

Uhhh… Not sure what you’re meaning but…

In roster set to sort by rarity:

And it sorts… 5*

5* -> 4* transition

4* -> 3* transition region

Only time there is a mixture is at the top where it sort first by teams then by your selection (ratiyy in this case…) See screenshot below which shows clearly that it is sorted first by team appearance, then by rarity in that team:


I think the problem is because the 4 * are in the slots, thank you, you have been very kind


Good work @Guvnor :+1: thanks

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