Option to play vs alliance members


There is no option to test teams other then raiding. It would add a great strategic value for me and i bet many other players if there was an option to do this.

It is actually hard to test teams since you cant PvP against spesific teams or heroes you want (unless you reroll all day and loose food) and even then you might not be able to.

Lets say i want to compare Fully ascended Magni vs lower level Magni in action! We all know the numbers but there are too many variables to actually calculate or actually try play “smart” when theres timelimit in raids now. It would allow 1v1 between heroes.

Thats only one option and i dont know if its possible to make happen but something would be nice.


Are you saying you want to be able to program an enemy team of your choice to face you?

Just clarifying…


That can be one option. But it would be easier if there was an option just
to “pvp” alliance alliance member and theyre current def deck. For example
i say to one of my alliance member “attack my def team and see how it works
agains ur team etc.” No rewards or anything ofc but just to test your team



Sorry for my english its pretty bad



I like the idea of inner-Alliance practice matches. No XP or rewards, just for learning or trying out ideas.


Oh I gotcha now. At first I thought it was a glorified Raid shot.

(Ignore me. Shuffling off now!) :grin:


Yes you said it in a good way