Option to opt in/out of fighting titans

Need an option for members to opt in/out of fighting titans and or allow this to be controlled by leaders and co-leaders. That way people who want to be competitive have the opportunity to do so while allowing those who don’t to opt out without impacting the team. It is so frustrating to have people who routinely don’t fight the titan impact the team. Then alliances have more control over their play and alliance

I’m not sure I see the benefit.

When you opt out of war your alliance will be pitted against alliance with lower numbers also.
Whereas opting out of a Titan? Your alliance still fights the same titan.

If someone is routinely not joining in on titans.
That opt out button / control is giving them the :hiking_boot:


After a few defeated titans you will get a higher lvl Titan. After a loss you will get a weaker Titan. I do not see any benefit by opting out from fighting titans.
Everyone not hitting the Titan already has a disadvantage by getting less loot (looking at you 3*/4* AM). No one else in the alliance has a benefit from opted out players.

War opting in/out is a difference influencing the matchmaking.


If they have the option to opt in/out and adjusted the loot based on participation it might be good. Just having trouble dealing with an alliance who has members that want to fight it and others that don’t.

I think you need a new alliance then, where members are forced to hit the Titan.

On the other hand there are casual alliances, where you are at the moment, obviously.


Titans are a regular source of non-farmable AMs. I can never understand why people would join an alliance if they have no intention of helping to defeat titans :woozy_face::thinking:. It always takes teamwork.

I agree. Sadly, I agree with @Sh3r1ff, it might be time for you to move on to a less casual alliance, there are many. Check out Alliance Recruitment, alliances are always looking for active daily players. Or make your own thread, you’ll be inundated with offers. GL

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Personally, I don’t see any benefit to this. Joining an alliance is all about participating as a team in war and hitting the Titan.
A player can opt out of war and that would be reflected in war matchmaking.
If a player doesn’t hit a Titan on a regular basis that is reflected in the Titan star progression and of course rewards from loot.
I don’t agree to the management team of any alliance having control of opt in or out of war and/or Titan hits. That would be open to abuse.
And personally, if I was a leader or co-leader I would be agreeing and setting a standard for what it is you expect of members.
If members don’t meet that agreed standard on a consistent basis then kick them

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You already can opt out. Don’t hit them.


There is already an opt out button for this. The leader, co-leads, and elders can use it. It’s called a “kick” button. It tends to clear these issues up fast. :laughing:

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