Option to lock-out hero(es) from Ascension (to avoid misclicking)


any chance of getting an option to lock-out hero(es) from Ascension (by misclicking, or while drunk - former for me, for example)?

Maybe even have a button somewhere to first toggle every Ascension button in-active, then character by character have option (like that lock-out from feeding to another hero) enable the Ascension button for that hero?

Just want to avoid the permanent mess up by using materials “reserved” for another hero when misclicking Ascension and then tapping OK by mistake (yes, potato-fingers and stupid-ass tablet).

This is already available to you
Select the hero’s you want to ‘lock’
In the top left corner you will see an unopened padlock, slept that and it locks, saving your hero to favourites , this cannot be fed to anything else by mistake then.

I think you misunderstood; I want to disable the Ascend-buttons from heroes that I do not want to ascend (yet, or by mistake).

Happened to me too. Had same heroes and fed the heroes the unleveled instead of the leveled one :frowning:

Here’s how I deal with this issue: my Team 1 has the five heroes (one per color) I’m currently working on. This saves a lot of scrolling and potential training of dupe heroes.

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