Option to keep titans at the current star level or below

There comes a point where an alliance stabilizes in power, and with this, what titans they do well in fighting versus those that they continuously choose to let go. I’ve heard that some top alliances choose to let 11 or 12* titans go in favor of ones that require less items and similar loot at lower tiers. Whatever the reasons, there are many alliances the forego trying to defeat a titan to lower the titan tier.

Instead of having to let the titan escape to achieve a lower tiered titan, my idea would be to have an option (selected by the leader or co-leader of an alliance) to keep the titan at the current tier or lower. That way alliances that can handle a certain tier regularly, but are unable to beat (tier + 1), they do not have to waste items, flags, and time to let it escape to get back to the tier they can comfortably defeat.

If titans escape while this option is selected, the titan tier can still go down a level. The option simply prevents the titan tier level from increasing. Should the leadership of the alliance desire a bigger challenge (or return to the lost titan tier), they can deselect the option to have the chance to gain titan tiers once again.

It’s not a must-have, but I think it would be a nice tool to have for each alliance’s leadership.

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