Option to filter out certain raid formations when searching for opponents

Please add a filter when searching for raids to remove teams using certain raid formations from the search result.

There are many people who don’t want to see reverse, double or reverse double formations anymore, or maybe someone just doesn’t want to see anymore of a specific formation. While there are people who I’m sure like the new addition, this is in my opinion the best compromise to keep raiding fun for people who do not like it, without removing the feature from those who do.

Raiding is such a major component of the game and it’s really unfortunate that something new was added that really killed the fun for some. Being able to only see the formations you want seems like a pretty linear major quality of life improvement.

well, you can always just reroll.

Just meet those who fear formations halfway-- increased costs for rerolls.
Omit 1 - reroll x 10
Omit 2 - reroll x 100
Omit 3 - reroll x 1000
Omit 4 - flat 4M food :smile:

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@Kairhe The entire point of this is to avoid having to reroll through the army of formations. I’d rather actually use my ham


so you just want rerolls to be free so you can hunt a team you like…

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So @pef why do you think this would be a bad feature? You seem quite zoned in on negative comments.

What is it abot the raid formations you hate?

I reroll only when the enemy trophy is below on what they can get if I botched my attack. New raid formation is a fun new feature, making some heroes extra strong due to the “nearby” enhancement. Besides, it is a good practice ground trying to overcome the hurdles of the alternative raid formation that once it becomes a feature in future wars (I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a thing) I won’t get caught with my pants off. The classic raid formation is just boring, over 4 years old already The raid facet of the game needs to evolve, as well as the tourney and war.

As to the idea and feature request, it ain’t bad as it benefits those newbies and players struggling with the non-classic raid defense formation. It is an understandable request for the simple reason of filling up the raid chest as soon as possible. But in the long run, all of us will get stronger with the new heroes we acquire, level, max and emblem, including the troops supporting them, there is really no reason not being able to overcome the difficulty of alternative raid formation defenses.


Although raid formations require HA so are limited in the lower newbie arenas already.

I think it’s the toe-hold on a slippery slope. What else should we be able to skip without paying the (relatively mild) reroll penalty?

  • Specific tanks?
  • Heroes with particular abilities?
  • Cup-droppers?
  • Severely underpowered defenses?
  • Higher DP than your attack team?
  • Ninjas?
  • Any hero found on a top 100 defense team?

It feels like a request from someone that just hates the new formations and wants to avoid them at no penalty. To take some of the snark out of my first response, I might not have an issue with it, if a reasonable reroll cost was paid for the privilege of skipping the unwanted; basically removing the grunt work of tapping ‘reroll’.

I have to agree. It’s also not fair that people that don’t even have formations yet have to raid once’s that have it. It’s not that they are harder to raid it’s just stupid. I can’t even make them so why do I have to look at them.

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But it is not working … the gold and platinum arena is full of them.

Platinum doesn’t surprise me. There are lots of mid-to-late-game accounts without the power to be in diamond. My f2p account is one of them. And even teams in Diamond drop into Platinum occasionally, especially early in a POV when everyone is more active at raiding.

Gold is a little more surprising. It’s possible to get solidly into gold in what? 6 months? Getting to HA1, if you streamline building, is still going to take more like a year. And even an f2p will likely be in low platinum by then.


But not in bronze and silver…which was my point.

I love the new formations, but accept, that view is not shared by everyone.

I am not sure an opt out without penalty is the right way to go though. The current re-roll mechanic works fine and gives the same penalty to everyone skipping raids. I agree with the person that said it is a slippery slope to allow opt outs with no penalty as it could potentially advantage one group of players over another.

Maybe the better way is to limit the alternate formations to diamond and platinum arenas so you can pick which arena you raid in based on your cups… and set you defense team accordingly. That way there is no advantage to be had from free re-rolls and you raid in gold arena if you really don’t want to see them.

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Reroll is boring and time consuming.
There is no reason not to setup matchmaking criteria and have the software reroll for you until criteria are met.
That’s exactly what software are meant to do.

Filters on TP, trophies +/- and formations at the cost of the rerolls needed to find a working matchup would only have one effect: save players time.

Why not?

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… so y not just make it so only ppl with HA can raid ppl with formations… how is that not fair?

It’s already lopsided and pointless

Agreed with Tea!!! :slight_smile: but I love the formations tho and … I hope the formation stays only and only for the regular raid and these devs dont get no crazy idea of using these formations for tourneys or wars

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@Lily_frogg If I want to test out war teams against bera it’s nearly impossible to find just a regular team nowadays, yes I can use my 5 friendly flags but that’s 5 flags a day. If I had high cups I could very easily find a bera team to practice on. I tried rerolling today to find a bera team to hit, I literally spent over 200k food to find a bera team, the flanks were not what I was looking for at all but I take it at this point. Reroll again afterwards just to see how long it takes to find a standard bera team, over 200k food again. I actually enjoy practicing my war teams and formations has completely ruined that for me. I don’t expect everyone to relate to me on this at all but I know other players in high ranked alliances are also annoyed for the same reason.

@pef Okay so would you be more okay with people only being able to see all four configurations or just standard? When some websites drastically change they often provide users with the ability to see the retro version of the website, because they realize there’s no way everyone likes the new version. I have a hard time calling the retro version of something a toe hold on a slippery slope when it’s literally what we used to have.

Since I like the variety provided by the raid formations, I would prefer the former. People still have the option of skipping formations they don’t want to face, just as they have the option of skipping defenses which feature heroes they don’t want to face.
But, then, I’m a never-re-roller as well, and prefer to take on whatever is presented in the simple belief that doing so makes my play better. Heck, I don’t even change my raid attack team, so I’m at a severe disadvantage against most minion teams, VF teams and DoT teams.

I don’t spend a lot of time on the web anymore, so most of my experience in the last 10 years have been enterprise apps and websites. The vast majority have no retro/classic/previous version sort of thing, and those that do provide it only briefly. The only two I can think of in my day-to-day provided the “classic” view because not all functionality had been ported to the new interface.
From a previous life working for a mobile developer, the direction, at the time, in terms of deployment of new features or site changes (in the industry, not just the company in question) was A/B testing and no way for the user to control it. The developers either rolled back at the end of the test or rolled forward with a partial or full implementation.
Tangent aside. It doesn’t map well to the topic at hand. Games change and evolve.

  • For versioned games (CoD, MGS, Fallout, Deus Ex, Battlefield, etc), you get what you get. If you don’t like it, you go back to a version you liked, or if the platform permits, mod it.
  • This holds true even in tabletop; don’t like an expansion, or a new revision, don’t use it. At home. With your friends.
  • When you get into the competitive realms (tournaments, cons, and the like), you don’t get a say. You play with what those running the show say.

I would contend that an evolving mobile game is more akin to the last. The changes are going to happen. Yes, a lot (most?) of them will advantage what the community calls ‘whales’, because they have all the toys.

As to the slippery slope. Let’s run with your analogy. Let’s call the version you want (no formations) v30. You want to toggle your raids back to there. Now come the next people who miss say v23 (or whatever was right before costumes premiered), or v18 (or whatever was just pre-emblems) or v12 (or whatever pre-dated s2) and they just want raids returned to those golden days…

[* have to insert a huge disclaimer here because s2 was already a thing when I started and emblems may have been introduced right around that time, so I have no idea what E&P was like back that far, like when were raids introduced? were they always a thing?]

That’s the slippery slope. If you start accommodating people who want to block away one thing, there will be a line of people behind them wanting to blackhole others… s4, Ninjas, new challenge heroes, s3, HOTMs, s2, costumes, emblems, ninja troops, etc. No matter where you draw the line, someone is going to be unhappy. And if you try to appease them all… what are they left playing? and how many whacked code paths and DB changes will be required, adding how many new avenues for bugs?

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