Opting out of wars

Just curious as to how many feel the same way. We would love to see Alliance leaders have the right to opt members in and out of wars. And to opt the whole alliance out. On occasion we have had members that have been with us for along time so we don’t want to boot them. But they don’t seem to grasp what needs to be done to win wars and often waste there teams just to use up there flags. We feel it’s not fair to the other guys who do there best make points and check often enough to find the right teens to attack.

At the very least, it should automatically opt out after not attacking in one war instead of two

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This is already an option. Leaders and co-leaders can access the option in the alliance settings.

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I’d like to see leaders and co-leaders have the option. We just had this discussion about people hurting the team when they don’t attack, two wars ago. Then this last war two more did the same thing. Luckily we won, but the issue is still there and I don’t want to have to kick f I don’t have to. Seems some of players only want to attack titans and maybe don’t even read the chat.

Agree. If you miss a whole war you should be automatically opted out, and if you wish to rejoin then it’s on you to do so.

There is very extensive discussion on this subject here:

Please continue discussions there, and vote on it if you feel it’s worth implementing.


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