Opting members out as a leader of an alliance


I really think this should be in the game.

We had a member that yesterday had a lost account and submitted a ticket to get it recovered.

The only way to have him opted out of war was to remove him from the alliance and then accept him back when stuff was sorted.

Well his account was recovered and is back with us … however now his chest of 14/25 is gone.

If I as the leader had the power to opt him out he would have missed this war but he would have still had 14/25.

If by chance we lose this war he wouldnt have lost any participation for wars and if we win he would be 14 in stead of 19/25 … still a good percentage.

Can this please be concidered as a very valueable feature?

@mhalttu @Petri

Also when he returned mere hours later his participation is 0% while he hasnt partook in any other war … this was supposed to have been fixed?

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Very nice and simple idea. It may helpful in many escenarios, we can’t always expect everyone to pay attention 24/7 to the game and sometimes they do forget to tick wars off. If implemented, I’d only allow the leader to be able to tick any members war off for “security” reasons.

On another note, I still have no idea what’s the point of making all the war participation vanish upon leaving the alliance, even when it’s minutes to help someone out…it should be saved no matter if you leave 1 minute or 1 month, so until you make 25 points in a certain alliance you have no way to claim the chest no matter if other members are available to claim it. What about alliance hopping? 1 war cooldown unless you’re signed in the alliance you last fought with.

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Except the potential to be exploited is so high that war chests mean nothing anymore.

Does the automatic system opt out that occurs with two missed wars avoid this scenario?

I hope we won’t get it. There were already some people asking for such an option but they mostly wanted the power to decide about who fights in an alliance war and who doesn’t.

Too much power in hands of the leader leads to drama way too often.

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The reason for making all war chest points vanish of you leave the alliance is to prevent players from jumping between multiple alliances frequently.

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I know that, what I mean is there are other ways to prevent that happening other than completely locking us inside our alliances.
If the points were player based in a specific alliance the problem would be easily solved, still exploitable? sorta, just add war cooldowns to make it not worth the time to exploit it. Something like if you are in an alliance you didn’t fight with yet during the matching time you get 1-2 wars cooldowns. Exploitable? maybe, but taking forever to do it will most likely turn down anyone willing to exploit it.
That way we are not locked anymore nor people would exploit the system.