Optimising D’Artagnan

Requesting help on how to get best from D’Artagnan and Guardian Gazelle. Concerned about Musketeer durability with cover so was planning to limit break (once or maybe even twice) for durability and increased hit power. Am finding need to hit an opponent strong enough to take hit and first corrosive effect otherwise corrosion doesn’t spread, reducing his overall effect…
Delighted to pick up Guardian Gazelle, was a well rated hero and thought would nullify cover, which she does, but also she clears other positive buffs like heal over time off the D’Art and turns him into a pure, but deadly, sniper.
What’s the best way to use D’Artagnan? Please help, thanks

  • Don’t hesitate limit break D’Artagnan once
  • Don’t hesitate limit break him twice
  • Don’t limit break him and pair with a healer
  • Don’t limit break him and pair with G Gazelle
  • Repost this after Big Balance
  • Other (please share insight)
  • Review poll

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IMHO. I think it’s more suitable to pair him with Hathor and Zharbog. with the correct mana/magic troops. only need 7 boards to activate their skills.
hathor will add Health to Dartgan (so he can maximize his passive cover skill). Dartgan will burn enemies. after only 1 turn of Dartgan’s fire spread. activate the zharbog skill. then it will reset the turn of the spread of fire from the beginning again.

but this depends on the level you are playing. if at the top level, then meta defense. kinda hard. but if it’s for raid. still can.

if with Gazzele. worried after the gazelle skill was active. then it will increase the attack from Dartgan. fear that the enemy will die first after receiving the Dartgan skill (before the fire spreads)

Hathor top of my “would love to have, hate to play against” list. Have Garnet… v fast smaller heal…

Garnet will work too. Have fun with Dartgan buddy.