Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed (Now including Ninja Heroes)

Could someone please share calculations for how many tiles it takes to charge each mana speed hero with 24% mana slow? I.e. you have Elizabeth’s fiend on you the entire battle.

please look here

Thanks but I’m looking for numbers for debuffs rather than buffs :slight_smile:

Like how many tiles with mana slow ailments of different % such as from Elizabeth, Telly, Mist, etc

Someone correct my maths, but you just need to divide the tiles needed with the percentage of mana regen after the slow/cut.

For example, if you get -24% mana generation, then 1 tile will give 76% normal mana or 0.76 mana. So a fast hero will require 8/0.76 or 10.5 (11 rounded up) tiles.

Troops will affect this of course, so a level 1-4 mana troop increases by 5% so it’s 8/0.81 = 9.88 (10) tiles

Troop Level 1 5 11 17 23 29
Mana Gen % 76.00% 81 83 85 87 89 91
VF 6.5 8.5526315789 8.024691358 7.8313253012 7.6470588235 7.4712643678 7.3033707865 7.1428571429
F 8 10.5263157895 9.8765432099 9.6385542169 9.4117647059 9.1954022989 8.9887640449 8.7912087912
A 10 13.1578947368 12.3456790123 12.0481927711 11.7647058824 11.4942528736 11.2359550562 10.989010989
S 12 15.7894736842 14.8148148148 14.4578313253 14.1176470588 13.7931034483 13.4831460674 13.1868131868
VS 13.5 17.7631578947 16.6666666667 16.265060241 15.8823529412 15.5172413793 15.1685393258 14.8351648352

now full version :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there! Trying to understand how mana nodes influence my heroes and troops. I’ve seen the info scattered around threads and in many I’ve seen the tools I need to calculate this and my conclusion is… I am dumb… can someone smart complete The following for me?

A) Slow hero with mana nodes
Troop lvl needed to shave a tile: X

B) Slow hero with costume and mana node
Troop lvl needed to shave a tile: x

C) Average hero w/ mana node
Troop lvl needed to shave a tile: X

D) Average hero w/costume and mana mode
Troop lvl needed to shave a tile: X

E) Fast hero w/ mana node
Troop needed : x

F) Fast w/ mana node and costume
Troop needed: X

G) V fast w/ mana node
Troop needed: x

H) V. Fast her w/mana node and costume (when it happens)
Troop needed: x

Thank you in advance to any good soul that helps me, it’s been driving me crazy for a while and as a result I haven’t taken any mana nodes :frowning:

I just wanted to mention that mana nodes are different for different classes so you’d need an additional line.

Druid, monk and sorcerer classes give a 4% mana bonus while all other classes give 2%.


This is quite important for Rush tournaments and wars.

  • No mana node: Troop lvl 11
  • Mana node 2% : Troop lvl 5
  • Mana node 4%: Troop lvl 1
  • Costume bonus 5%: Troop lvl 1
  • Costume bonus 5% + mana node 2%: Troop lvl 1
  • Costume bonus 5% + mana node 4%: No mana troop needed.

So the biggest benefit is the mana node brings requirements for 2nd or 3rd mana troop from 11 down to 5. (Or 1).

I even did an interactive spreadsheet for this. Get your copy here:

You can use it to answer the questions yourself.


There are many mana related thread.
Here is my table related to mana:


I did not mentioned this, thanks for this, correct costume bonus + class 20.


Hi all. Questions for the clever ones out there…
I have Alice and Jabber at 19Emb so Jabber does not have his +4% mana on mode 20 but Alice does have her +2%

The both get the family +4%

So what do they need to fire in 6 tiles troop wise?

Alice = 2% + 4% = 6%
Jabber = 4%

According to table, Fast to 6 tiles need 34%.
Optimal mana troop lvl 29 = 15%
Alice: 6% (class and bonus family) + 15% (troop lvl 29) = 21%, still need 19% more.



Thank you everyone that helped in this thread, you are awesome and I’ve been needing this info for a while but I’m too dumb to calculate it myself lol

Ty ty ty!

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