Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed (Now including Ninja Heroes)

Not sure if @thing2 is still maintaining this, but there is now a 5% bonus associated with a maxed costume.


Family bonus from sakura 12% (6tiles / 3ghost tiles)
+24% from Danza and you have 36% mana (5tiles / 3ghost tiles).
You do not need any mana troops in this constellation for your Kage, because they bring no advantage for mana acceleration.

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You need lvl 29 mana troops for fast heroes

costumes were added, 5% acceleration :grinning:

![E&P - Mana overview for offense
Mana: +24/33% / +2/4% Emblems / +4% Chain Link / +2/4/5/7/12% Family / +5% Costume

(Actual version you can find now on Discord)

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added column for raid tournament where all heroes are very fast.


Thank you! @ALX
In English&Russian.

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small update: removed some “very slow” areas as there are currently no heroes for them

Sory for my english
1 average player with 20 talent and mana troop lvl 17(no mask)= fast player with no mana troop
So if you want make your average player fast you need a mana troop lvl 17 and 20 talents from your average player player

Many people keep saying this that turns average in to fast this is not true!
You Wil need 1 less stone so average hero will charge faster but not at fast hero rithm…
Depends on hero, some classes have 2%mana nodes in lower section so they don’t really need to be with +20 emblems…
The costumes give 5%mana speed and with 29mana troops you can actually spare 2 tiles on slow heroes…
But keep in mind that there are a lot of variables.

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If I could make a suggestion:

This^ with your more accurate chart replacing the their top chart.

Thanks for the chart btw! It was highly educational!


Brynhild now on the +24% mana bonus list for nearby - undispellable at that.

Updated in spreadsheet:

Mana for Margaret and Little John to 24% each dodge.

Charge - 1.77-1.78 tiles
VF - 1.56 tiles
F - 1.92 tiles
A - 2.4 tiles
S - 2.88 tiles
VS - 3.24 tiles

btw numbers for Alberich and Inari

Alberich - moderate amount mana for each turn

Inari - 7% each Sakura :fox_face: Minion each turn

Charge - 0.34 tiles
VF - 0.45/0.46 tiles
F - 0.56 tiles
A - 0.7 tiles
S - 0.84 tiles
VS - 0.94/0.95 tiles


I updated the chart at the top. Mod powers let me edit everyone’s posts MUAHAHA :smiling_imp:

… But this topic is so useful that it would be criminal to leave it without including the Ninja heroes (Charge speed) and the newer mana buffs that have been released. So now it should be up to date.


EDIT from 4.9 to 4.905 tiles.

The only thing I’d note here is that it appears that Ninja heroes are about 4.905 tiles per charge.

Charge x1 - 4.905 (5 tiles)
Charge x2 - 9.81 (10 tiles)
Charge x3 - 14.715 (15 tiles)

These numbers match with the discovered mana troops

If this is accurate

              -1 tile      -2 tiles     -3 tiles     -4 tiles     -5 tiles
Charge x1       23%
Charge x2        9%           23%          41%
Charge x3        6%           14%          23%          34%          48%

Mica and a lvl 29 Mana troop would fully charge x3 at Average speed (10 tiles) after his full 33% buff.


Do the moderate amounts of mana (like Alby and Misandra) stack?

Know Alby + Ariel + say… a mana troop… do

I tested the +5% mana generation bonus with a mana troop level 1 and an unleveled 1-1 Sapphire and his 3rd charge wasn’t full after 14 tiles.
Here’s how he charged with

  • 3 hitting tiles and 1 ghost tile (=5 tiles)
  • 6 hitting tiles and 1 ghost tile (=8 tiles)
  • 9 hitting tiles and 1 ghost tile (=11 tiles)
  • 12 hitting tiles and a ghost tile (=14 tiles)

In another 8-7 run with this team, Sapphire’s 3rd charge was full with 8 hitting tiles and 3 ghost tiles (=14 tiles).

Am I missing something? Is it possible that ghost tiles give slightly more mana than hitting tiles? Is this just something that can happen with the ninjas due to their charging?


14 tiles with 5% from troops it’s 14.7tiles, looks like Ninjas needed about 15 tiles for x3 charge :thinking:

according to another source it is possible to reduce with lvl 5 mana troops (+7%) to 14 tiles, this would mean 14 x 1.07= 14.98 tiles :thinking:
(without mana troops about 4.99 tiles each charge)


Yes is stacked together, from Misandra each hit and from Alby after each turn you gain mana.

@tyranocus and @ALX, Thank you for the calculation and analyst…
I also recalculate based on @ThePirateKing formula in this thread Mana Generation under buffs/debuffs in offense.
And here is my summary so far:

EDIT, image update according to below:


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