Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed (Now including Ninja Heroes)

Looks like Ill have to find those 1-2 extra % somewhere else. Maybe mana troops level 29.

This is after 3 hits.


Same amount no matter what mana speed. 8% of the bar per hit.

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I had created a spreedsheet for offense, if someone needs…

The values at Missandra and Sumitomo were created with red since I still don’t have an exact % value.
If someone already has these values, then give me them :wink: I would update that spreadsheet.

• costumes were added (5% acceleration)

• added the column “very fast” for costumes and families, it is only for “rush attack” tournament.


Thanks for this - very useful!

Can I just check if elemental mana buffs (Miki/Seshat) then also stack (with Khagan/Ariel etc)? Looking around it sounds like it does?

If so, might be nice to add to your list of buffs? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for feedback)
I had long been planning to integrate a combination of mana chain link and + 24% mana buff. now it’s in there)

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This is some great work, I had been meaning to do something along these lines.
What about element links? Certain HoTM have a 4% bonus.

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So if you have a druid, monk, or sorcerer who is also a HoTM with elemental link and a mana boost do you get double? 4% for the link and 4% for the special?

Talent Tree will count as a base amount much like troops. You won’t “see” that amount as an effect but additional effects would add to that base.

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You could now add the 4% elemental link from the hotm.

Edit: Margarets special is missing as well image
Btw, does anybody know what is the amount of her mana generation skill

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I believe that Margaret’s mana gain per dodge = 0.8 tiles worth of mana.

It’s additive, like Alberich’s mana recovery.

very slow 13,5 or 14 ?

I liked the table. I wanted to help my budding friends understand how it works

Mana control - https://youtu.be/QvKnnF-u9Qc


13.5 tiles for very slow

It does not appear here as shown, am I missing something? Sorry, English is not my native language.

Because it appears 14 and then 13.5 (Could you explain it to me?)

What situation for 14 and 13.5?

it does not appear there normally (are hidden), i just wanted to show you which original numbers have very slow heroes. in the this spreadsheet you can see normally only rounded numbers, because these are important to achieve an effect.
but even if 13.5 tiles is required arithmetically, you always need a next higher round amount of tiles, so rounded out of it is 14 tiles.

btw which is your native language?)

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Português Brasil

Now I understand, thank you very much, congratulations, a great job.

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So Boss Wolf with lvl 11 mana troop +9%, and after he fires 1 time +24%, and seshat +4%. That brings him down to 10 tiles, making him average after first fire?

How much do buffs like Ariel reduce tile cost

Can someone help me calculate how many tiles needed when using the 5 family bonus for Alice in wonderland? Paired with lvl 23 Or 30 mana troop.

Thanks a lot!

Say there 5 Sakura family in a fight danza hits bottle say kage got a high level mana troop! How many tiles till kage is ready to fire?

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