Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed (Now including Ninja Heroes)

Monk, Sorcerer, and Druid @+20 all add 4% instead of 2%.

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I made a chart for how mana troops change the required tiles for each mana speed. Check it out…


Could you do one even in this format?


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Can do! I’ll try to expand on that idea- I like it :slight_smile:

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Here’s the chart I made based on your original one, @FraVit93.

I also made one for defense. The defense one is in increments of 0.5 tiles because each tile that hits you on defense counts for “half a tile” of mana. --> IMPORTANT NOTE… SEE EDIT BELOW

EDIT: I think it’s important to make a distinction with the defense chart. There are two ways you could look at “Tiles Needed” and it’s very important!

Mana speed is almost always defined with respect to the amount of tiles needed to charge a hero’s special while on offense. The chart above is based on offense tile requirements. You’ve seen these numbers before. They are:

Very Slow: 13.5 tiles
Slow: 12 tiles
Average: 10 tiles
Fast: 8 tiles
Very Fast: 6.5 tiles

However, these numbers only apply to offense!

When on defense, each tile that hits you counts as HALF A TILE worth of mana. If you account for that, the amount of tiles you actually need to charge a hero’s special looks like this:

Very Slow: 27 tiles
Slow: 24 tiles
Average: 20 tiles
Fast: 16 tiles
Very Fast: 13 tiles

That would make the defense chart above look like this:

Both ways have their merits. It just depends on what you’re trying to look at. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing…


The defense one is more useful than I initially thought. Since each turn counts as “one tile” on defense, you can figure out how to optimize mana bonuses. Here’s a depiction of tiles needed to charge your character as turns go by:

Example… It is beneficial to have a 12% mana bonus on an average speed hero because after the third turn, they would be fully charged if 12 tiles hit them (because each defence tile counts as 0.5 tiles towards mana regen):

I can make more turn-based mana sheets if enough people find them useful.

EDIT: Clarification of example


After looking at this information is Ariel a viable tank with emblems focused on defense and health?

Yes, she is. Expecially when paired with a Gravemaker flank and Zeline.


What would be better with mana troops?
Guin double purple
Ariel double GM

Alby needs 12 tiles to charge. Mana troops level 23 gives +13 % druid class another 4% this makes him average speed on offense. Is my math correct?

Guin with one purple and Gravemaker.

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No, you math is off.

Slows need 12 tiles.
Average needs 10 tiles.

With 10 tiles and +17% mana boost (13+4) you get 11.7, which is not quite 12.

So you still need 11 tiles.

Looks like Ill have to find those 1-2 extra % somewhere else. Maybe mana troops level 29.

This is after 3 hits.


Same amount no matter what mana speed. 8% of the bar per hit.

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I had created a spreedsheet for offense, if someone needs…

The values at Missandra and Sumitomo were created with red since I still don’t have an exact % value.
If someone already has these values, then give me them :wink: I would update that spreadsheet.

• costumes were added (5% acceleration)

• added the column “very fast” for costumes and families, it is only for “rush attack” tournament.


Thanks for this - very useful!

Can I just check if elemental mana buffs (Miki/Seshat) then also stack (with Khagan/Ariel etc)? Looking around it sounds like it does?

If so, might be nice to add to your list of buffs? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for feedback)
I had long been planning to integrate a combination of mana chain link and + 24% mana buff. now it’s in there)

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This is some great work, I had been meaning to do something along these lines.
What about element links? Certain HoTM have a 4% bonus.

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So if you have a druid, monk, or sorcerer who is also a HoTM with elemental link and a mana boost do you get double? 4% for the link and 4% for the special?

Talent Tree will count as a base amount much like troops. You won’t “see” that amount as an effect but additional effects would add to that base.

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