Optimal line up for all season 2 families

What would be an optimal line up to take into offensive raiding for each family from Season 2? Kinda thinking ahead as I want to do a full six flags with a line up from each family.

I realize that getting at least one of each family member is gonna take a while and some dang good rng, but I am just thinking on some ideas on how to have more fun with the game and challenge myself. Also, having almost every member of the Sakura family got me thinking on this idea a bit.

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I wouldn’t use for raids. For raids should choose the best heroes you have according to the opponent’s defense. For one, I use the families in AW. One of my best attacks is Proteus, Triton, Gadeirus and completing with 2 legendaries of one of those 3 colours; the colour depending of the defense. For example, if I attack Guin, I take Seshat and Dom. If I attack Richard or Aegir, I bring Elk and King (Caedmon +17 for Aegir). Though as power, is definitely one of my weakest attacks in AW, is the most successful. I don’t recall when I lost the last time with Atlantis family. I mean, in wars. Because this tournament I lost 3 times, at rush attack. And I also use sometimes Danza with Sumitomo on my alt, where I don’t have a 5* yellow yet.

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I’m big on the family stuff!

Lagoon- gilra gato max gobbler 3/60 muggy 1/5

Sakura- namahage chochin sumitomo amennoa+9 danza 4/68

Atlantis- Mel mnessnse gadeirus triton+2 proteus 4/29 Ariel 2/20

not used many in a war or a raid as the team power even with the bonus the 3* are too weak for people I’m against!


Odds are I am gonna have the 3 stars at 3-50 +20 anyways since they are easier to get the full grid on. That is definitely the case with Gill-Ra #1 on my main. Got another Gill-Ra waiting in the wings but that is more for War depth in all honesty. I know the bonus doesn’t apply if you have more than one of the same hero in the line up. I do not see myself moving up to diamond any time soon anyways. I am very happy where I am at.

I will take @Dudeious.Maximus roster into account should I get those heroes. What would really be funny is if I do my x10 pull in a couple weeks, I get all the remaining Sakura family members and get Neith all in the same pull. Note for that family I just need Mitsuko, Kageburado, and Inari. That’s it, once I get all 3 of them, I will have everyone in the Sakura fam.

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20% def boost to that would be NASTY.

Ariel at 4 nodes would be well over 1000 defense if you get a lvl 9 4* crit troop on her (another 19% def boost).

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I do think a 3* would still be of vaule if you have the higher heros if I run gad triton Ariel proteus with either Mel or mnessnse the heal from Ariel n bonus from triton would be a great help!

Other family could be issues mana from Sakura Would be great if danza hit bottle with the bonus if you had kage maxed with a mana troop probably be like two tiles to max him insane!

Lagoon Is attack so tarlak n Wilbur would be awesome i think gilra n Wilbur cancel each other? Chuck mokar n missranda n either gato or gobbler still be a pain!

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@Dudeious.Maximus I think only the defense down gets overwritten as I think the shared damage is still there. If someone else who has done this can attest to it please confirm.

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