Opted out of war but still on field

A member of my alliance opted out of war before the matchmaking started and his team is still opted into this war. He was not going to be able to participate this war. When we checked he was on the field.

He likely didn’t opt out in time.

You have to opt out BEFORE matchmaking even begins. Not just before the war itself happens


-EDIT- Leaving the post below as is because it was quoted. I was mistaken. I called again to see what had happened and asked if he had clicked out of the war prior to that. He only logged in to see if he had done so because he couldn’t really remember and he was indeed out of the war before matchmaking -EDIT-

Actually 3 wars ago me and my cousin were talking on the phone and I remembered that he had said that he wouldn’t be able to participate in the next war. So I asked him if he had opted out yet during the matchmaking and he told me that he had forgotten. He immediately started the game and pressed opt out and when the war started just 1 minute later he wasn’t on the battlefield.

So based on timing and luck it’s at least possible to opt out during the matchmaking phase but I don’t know if it’s always like that or very uncommon. Best not to wait that long though, you have a full day to do it on.

If he indeed opted out before the matchmaking even started that would be a bug but I’m guessing the more likely scenario is that he just did it too late. If the other team appears on the battlefield all the opt in/out button will do is affect the war after that one.

From my understanding that’s not how it is supposed to work. If you opt out after matchmaking has started you are on the field as an [Ex-Member] team.

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My understanding has been that opting out in matchmaking leaves you on the field for the current war and opts you out of the next one.

Maybe I’m confusing opting out with leaving.

It’s been known to happen :crazy_face:

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I cannot create new topic unfortunately. There is an issue with rounding in war scores. I had a maximum available points of 68 and 3 guys attacked me with 4, 55 and 10 points. Totaling 69 points

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

This sadly will happen from time to time.

3.5 + 9.5 + 55.0 equals 69 when rounded, even though it would equal 68 if not rounded.

This is due to rounding when splitting up the scores. The game seems to predominantly round up so if the percentage gives 54.5 points it is rounded up to 55 and the balance is rounded up to 10 from 9.5, giving a “bonus” point.

It’s been discussed in other threads.

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He had talked to us before matchmaking even began, as noted in my post. He was not going to be able to be online for the weekend and went in to opt out a couple hours before the matchmaking started. Another reason I had brought up the idea of leaders being able to opt players out of war when needed. This has happened to me before also, usually after an update.

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It happened to my alt account. I helped with titan spent about 5 minutes and left before matchmaking, I was careful and looked, as I didn’t want to harm my ally. But possible it was lag (time) and my defense team appeared on the battlefield in 2 alliances.

The war match up must be based on team power

The highest team power of my team is only 2700

But the enemy has 3000 and 3200 team power

It was sooo unfair

I don’t think you can judge on one team, you don’t know what their other 5 teams are like or even if they have 6 teams to use
But off topic sorry

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