Opted Out Members Appear on Battlefield

New very low level members said they opted out of War, but they appear on the battlefield.

(Osgald and RobiAnn)

This happened before our last war. The devs said it was only a visible bug and the team(s) isn’t counted in the matchup.

They said it’s a known issue and supposedly it’s fixed? Regardless, before our war our opted out teams disappeared and hadn’t been counted in the match up.

You should be okay.

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We saw this before the last war but the opted out members were grayed out, then they disappeared. This time they are there in full color


Ours showed up in full colour and I do admit I panicked a bit. But other players were reporting it and the staff did respond.

Unless it’s a true new bug, I still think you’ll be okay. Not a bad idea to put it on the bug thread though to make sure the right people see it!

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Thank you for the encouragement! We have struggled to become competitive and this has my Alliance more than a little bit worried.


We had three member show up on the battlefield like last time, this time tho the did not disappear.

One of ours deleted her Defense team, got a warning that she would not be able to participate in next war, but wasn’t on the battlefield when the war started. The others were still there. So we have a couple of super baby Alliance members, who don’t even have 30 heroes, participating in the War.


If they were careful to opt out before the match up started then that does sound like a bug.

We had one we promoted, because it was the only way is opt out box would show up.

They opted out over the weekend when they reached the level that would allow them to first participate in the War. :confused:

All but one of ours did disappeared after war started. We told her not to panic and do her best, every point counts. It’ll be practice and learning experience.

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