Opted out for wars when player doesn't uncheck the box

I have noticed that I have been opted out the wars without unchecking the box… Several of my teammates have had this happen.

We go to fight in the war, but get the message that we opted out of the current war. That box was never unchecked.

This has happened a couple 9f times. Does anyone know the answer.

Never heard of that, suggest putting in a support ticket in game, under options/support

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If you opt in for 2 wars in a row, but fail to actively participate, the system opts you out of future wars (until you opt back in)


Yes, I think, it did happen in the past. Some of my friends were facing the same issue, but it was quite long time ago (about 2 years).

When you update OS on the phone, update the game version, change the alliance, there may be a case that war participation is reset.

Pay attention to it not lose your opportunities on collecting war flags for POV.

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This is also one of the factor can be considered, especially for the back coming players re-activating the account after having been inactive for long time. (AW forced opt-out)