Opted Alliance out of War, now opted in -- but won't find matchup

I stopped war while searching and started several hours later so the alliance wouldn’t fight a 3am war now it’s been searching for 24 hours is war still going on need some advice

Do you mean you opted the alliance out of war? Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by stopping the searching?

The war starts at the same time for (full/almost full) alliances. I know smaller alliances often have to wait several hours more to get their matches but there isn’t a way for us to manipulate that timing.

Screenshots please and thanks

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Yes I did opt the alliance out but now it’s been searching for 24hrs now

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It’s not searching

It’s just on standby

Tomorrow evening you’ll see a timer start to countdown to matchmaking then matchmaking will happen friday morning

You’ll have a war on saturday

No issue or bug here from what i can see


By opting the entire alliance out, you were not matched for the midweek war. The next time you’ll be matched is for this coming weekend.


By you opting out of wars, it removed you from war matching for this round. As @princess1 mentioned, wars start/end at roughly the same time for all alliances. Opting out and back in won’t change the times.

If you keep the box checked your alliance will be in the matchings g for the weekend war.


Its not actually searching. You’ve opted the alliance out of this war and now that you’ve checked it AGAIN, you’ll be opted in for the weekend war.


Learned my lessons ty everyone I didn’t know it was set up that way for all alliances


Yes. It would be a little more enjoyable if we could somehow influence the start times somehow. 2 cents added.

Would you like this thread closed now?


It’ll close automatically 1 month after the last reply – I moved it under bugs and Issues so I could mark one of the comments as the answer and so everyone wondering can see it right when entering the topic :slight_smile:


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