Opt players out after one missed war

Automatic opting out is a very good thing, but I don’t see why it’s after two wars. If somebody becomes active again, they have enough time to jump back in for the next war. The whole purpose of the feature is to not force alliances to kick members who are absent for a few days, thus it would be more sensible to opt them out after only one war. One more lost war due to inactive players is still an incentive for a kick.

I’m not sure I’m following you. If someone keeps missing wars, they should be kicked. If it’s planned, they should opt out. If they are not, seems like there’s a communications issue in your alliance.

We have a casual alliance and we aren’t too quick to kick people. And this feature is already implemented, I just think it would serve its purpose better if it opted absent players out after one war.


I agree. Also, I have had players who have phone issues. I don’t want to kick them, so it would be nice to have the option to opt them out of wars as the leader or co-leader. Or, I think it might be good to make everyone opt-in every time for war like we have to for tournament raid battles every week.


I’m such a fan of the opt in as if your a regular player it will come just the normal thing to do.
War finishes yup I war next time tick that box. Simple.
If you don’t tough as a Co leader I’d remind people to log into war, much nicer than say blah blah you didn’t use flags next time use all its a team effort

I am tried of begging players to opt out of war, if they aren’t going to use their flags. Opt out is a nicer way than kicking them off the alliance. I can’t understand why some just refuse to opt out but it happens. Some Alliance want to kept lay back, so l understand that. War is an option not a requirement. Be kind this is my 1st post.

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