Opt in and out of AW's

Hi. I was asked some questions in my allience.

  1. Can you opt into AW’s once the preset time has started
  2. can you opt out of AW during that same period and then if so opt back in.
  3. is TP of opted out players included in the initial matchup.

Sorry, I’m not answering your question but I wanted to let you know that our alliance filled our war chest today and of those members who had 100% participation, we received over 12 ascension items between us (both as war rewards and the chest).

I just think it’s fair to let your members know that if they (or your whole alliance) is opting out, that they are consiously choosing to pass up the chance for some nice rewards!


And your a level what player or your allience is how strong, lol.

We may 2 and if lucky 3 of those, yet to see AW chest reward.

This ain’t the reason for the question anyway.


  1. Once the preset timer has started, you cannot opt in, because the matching has already taken place.
  2. If you opt out after preset timer has started, you will be placed in spector mode, but your defense team will stay on the field. Not sure if you can opt back in and take part… (are people really that indecisive?)
  3. If the player opted out before matching took place, their heroes are not included in the matching.

Can anybody confirm that I have this right?

  1. after … - you’re too late and you normally participate

I personally think it’s something like this but not to sure.
Once you countered in the only way out I think is to not create a defense team.

If out before the preset then your out for the dutation.

Yes players are that desicive, lol to many not happy with matchups and just don’t care anymore.

Personally doesn’t bother me but it does bother many others.


I obviously haven’t been paying attention closely enough but can someone please tell me exactly how long the match making countdown timer is for? I’m thinking it’s 12 hours?

Once we lose the battle scene, the timer starts but I’ve never needed to know exactly how long it lasts. We have a member right now who does need to know as his work will force him to occasionally opt out and he wants to do it in that time frame.

You are warned 24hrs prior that matchmaking will begin and then you have 24hrs before the wars start.

So opting out is during the first 24hrs.

Now I have been told although I haven’t tested it as I don’t opt out so this is just here say but they say if you leave a blank defense in the 2nd 24hrs it will opt you out.

I’m not sure that’s correct. It’s currently 1:30 pm here PST and we see our opponent at 11:15 on Friday, so that’s already less than 24 hours.

That’s why I’m thinking it’ll be around 11: 00 pm tonight?

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Prep lasts 24hrs between matchmaking and beginning of war

Now how long between previous war and next matchmaking is beyond me

Usually when i look at the clock there’s only 6 to 8 hrs left but I’m sure we get longer than that

@Garanwyn @zephyr1

Glad I’m not the only one who has never paid attention to it :grinning:

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When our timer starts I will take a screenshot and post it in here

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it too for future reference.

Based on this it looks like it wasn’t even 12 hrs warning.

Looks like it was 6 to 8 hrs only.

Strange never noticed that before being so short.

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What happens if you take out a few hero’s it says you will be removed if you don’t have 5 or something like that

Also I want a forced opt out or block from Aw for members repeatedly leaving 5 or 6 flags
So co leader or leader can remove the dead weight from the battlefield before hand !!!

If I recall correctly, an alliance member is automatically opted out if they don’t run any attacks for 2 consecutive wars. Doesn’t stop them from manually opting back in to continue being dead weight, though, but that’s what the Kick button is for.

How casual is to casual some of us care to actually win others don’t so it’s kinda difficult I just wanted to ban certain members from war for a couple of weeks as a penalty or something like that
And before you say it yes I might have to find a more active Alliance but I’ve made a lot of friends
But eventually I’ll be moving on

Thanks @Ozy1 I tried to catch it but fell asleep. Upon doing more thinking though, I realized our player doesn’t have to wait for that short window. Anytime that opt button is available they can hit it.

I wrote out the exact war prep and battle times for him and pointed out the several hours between the next war, so he shouldn’t have any problems opting out when he needs to.