Opt entire alliance out of wars

There is already a general topic here but since this is the ideas section…

The OP of the other topic would like to see an opt out checkbox for individual people.

I would like to see one in the Leader alliance settings to opt out the entire alliance.

Wars are causing strife within my alliance. In the current war we are down 500 points. We have several players (myself included) who just want to pop on for a second, hit titans, and leave, not work at picking three new teams to try and attack an enemy for the good of the team only to lose because the player was new and weak to begin with.

Auto-adding a player’s old defense into the new war is also a problem. It includes people in a war who may never have intended to fight.

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I think that each member of the alliance should have to enter their defense at the start of each war. As it is right now everybody that entered their defense at the start of the first battle is automatically entered into every war after that. If you have to enter a defense for each war at least you know that that member is aware of the war and ready to participate.

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I agree with this concept but for entirely different reasons. As currently implemented Alliance Wars do little to create a set of common purpose for an alliance. My alliance is 2-0, but the rewards have been of basically no worth. Alliance War competitiveness requires significant more effort in the development of your teams (30 heroes), and contemplation of different pvp environment (e.g. revenge mechanic). However it does so providing neither meaningful rewards to players or improvements to alliance rank.

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