Opposition Infiltration & players who join just prior to matchmaking

Is anyone experiencing alliance war opposition infiltration with an “open” alliance?" My alliance was open and experienced two opposing Russian team members, one a co-leader and the other an elder, who joined our open team after matchmaking. They screenshot our battlefield lineup, said some horrific Russian curse words, then we booted them. Of course, they were back on their team quickly. Just recently, experienced an individual joining a few days prior to war, stating they were from Yemen, name “William” written in Arabic and English, with the statemen, “Lahad of the heart does the Lavon Anglia.” Then this individual hit our titan to gain trust, and just after the alliance war matchmaking, quit and we’re left with 6 fags. The statement of “Lahad, etc.” - truth of the heart does the Lavon Anglia - well, this was false-flag operation many, many years ago by the Israeli and to be carried out in Anglia or, that area of the UK. Is any other alliance experience this? We are not top 10; we are about 250+ and are international. Thanks! Chocholatte

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