Opposite team continues after defeat

Just attacked in the war. I was defeated by the first enemy’s special skill but the other enemies kept applying their special skills even after the defeat.
This allowed them to fully heal.
What is that all about?

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This happens for all healer type heroes. If their specials are charged, and you are defeated by one of the other heroes in that same turn, then they will still heal the team. That’s why most of us use the “Flee” button before that happens to prevent this from happening. That will help you to preserve the damage you have done and will help the next attacker to cleanup more easily.


To increase their health for the next player attacking that team experience a bit of difficulty defeating such team. If you have been filling your wanted heroes chest for quite some time, this shouldn’t surprise you. It is part of the game design.

EDIT: And against titans, too. The AI has the last laugh.

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This game is pretty much as fair as it gets.

This was the first questionable incident i have seen.

Well, I have seen this for the last 2 years. It’s not a new thing. :slight_smile:

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