Opposed to Telluria/Vela Nerf-Share Opposition Here

Here is an open thread/discussion available to all who wish to voice their opposition to the proposed upcoming 2nd nerf of a Telluria/Vela. Feel free to share thoughts, feelings. To those who support the nerf please share on other topics as this one is meant to give a voice to those who don’t want this to happen.

Hero of the Month sold on lie beta should do better

The main Tell/Vel thread is packed to the brim with opposition. How is this thread going to be different from that garbage fire?

Nerfing or buffing happened a lot of times in the past. This isn’t a new thing at all. Nerfing T + V is necessary for diversity and overall balance of the game. The reason why there are so many people complaining on the nerf is simply because Telluria as a HotM was more available compared to heroes like Finley, Jabberwock and other Event heroes which are more difficult to get. Otherwise, nothing has changed…

so many complaining? it is always the loud-mouth whining minority :laughing:

Please continue discussion in this existing thread: 🧪 Early Information on Additional Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

As this thread is a duplicate, it will be closed per Forum Rules:


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