Opponent's perspectives: Neith

We often, as players, talk about the effectiveness of certain heroes. But, truly, what do we know? Let’s hear it from their adversaries, to see their thoughts. Is there a mutual respect, or is it all showmanship and bravado?

“I wasn’t really blinded…” Kageburado reasons, as he pours himself a tall glass of Suntory. “It was more that I expected more from her. She come in here, big deal, having all this hype and featured as this great Holy Hero… only to see it was little more than a temper tantrum from one of the weakest warriors I have ever seen. I mean, you know, after I recovered from my shock I ended her instantly. I’ll probably take out Malosi just as easily, a dignified fighter should never leave his tongue out. But Neith? No challenge. Maybe Grimble has trouble, but then again, he has trouble with a particularly feisty tin can.”

When I asked Boss Wolf, he merely growled and shrugged. “The only reason she made it out of beta at all was because I didn’t get to her first. Did you know there were a few Holy Pig warriors at one point? Those were good eatin. Never even made it to beta.”

Khiona remained silent. Her only expression being a flick of the eyebrow.

Sartana sneered and hissed “Bring it…”

Seshat spat out her absinthe and laughed hysterically as Sisters of Mercy played in the background. After a few moments, she calmed down “Oh my… whew. If she gets the drop on you, sure, I guess. I mean, even the stupid monkey can take me down from time to time. But, no, she’s really no threat to me.”

Figured that no discussion on holy heroes would be complete without asking Quintus. When he finally made time, he pondered a moment. “Stupid child, trying to do everything so fast. If you’re going to be ineffective, at least take your time, like me! Now, I simply must get back to work on my newest invention. It has been designed to make me devastating and feared, I will have my shining moment!” As I left his lab, I caught a glimpse of an outfit hanging on a mannequin, wired with electricity.

Cheshire Cat snickers and cackles. “My my… I do so hope to meet her again. She might find herself out of place in time, hurting from the wounds of mine as she never takes the time to unwind, I think she may finally lose her mind” He fades from sight, leaving only his toothy grin for a second before that, too, disappears.


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Results of 3 more interviews

Rigard got back to me after a bit of IM-tag. I finally met up with him in the breakroom between photo shoots. He said this: "No matter where I am, whether it is on the battlefield, in the ballroom or embarking on my modeling career, Neith can say and do what she wants. I’ll keep the team ready to fight and undo whatever she does. It’s embarassing, really. I would suppose that it fits with the whole “Blinding Holy” theme… OOO let’s cut their magicks, too… won’t that be the thing??! " He shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Pshh. Whatever. I get it, Holy good, Dark bad. But what if we just don’t agree with the Guardian Owl as to who is good or bad? I mean for eff sake, Derrick is the Dark Lord. Nobody saw that coming until recently, right? I just don’t think that Holy instantly means right. I’ll do my thing, she’ll do her thing and never mind the fact that they don’t teach their supposedly “EPIC” warriors how to heal…” He kept on talking but, the proselytizing became tiresome and the purpose was to get his opinion on Neith, not his complaints about the whole meta.

I met Kunchen at a sports bar. He was watching soccer with Aeron. For some reason, he’s really into Manchester United. Admittedly I overlooked him, as it was out-of-context in the setting and he was in a jersey. Aeron stood out, dressed to the nines, nursing a brandy and poring over an ancient tome on his Nook Paper-White. Cool, two-for-one, I thought!
Kunchen saw me and shook his head. “Can’t even watch the footie without being bothered by someone who wants me to fight for them… pssh. It’s not you, mate, just been constant over here. NOOOO HE WAS— PFFFAAAA… I’m done. I’m done. Your text said you wanted my thoughts on Neith. Guess we could’ve just handled that over text but whatevs, mate. Look, us two ain’t bothered by nothin that lil twit can do. If you know your onions, then you know we’re gunna clean up the messes she makes and get our team ready.” I looked over to Aeron for corroboration. “Indeed. What he said.” was Aeron’s only contribution.
“Now you see here…” Kunchen started likening soccer to an empires and puzzles hero team, but the analogy was lost on me, as I just can’t get into it. My next stop should prove to be interesting, I thought with some hope.


Great work. love your stories, very imaginative

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