Opponent revenge not showing correctly

What is going on here? I revenge this opponent and then it shows here that its not a revenge but a raid after I try again. I didn’t run out of rematches either. This seems pretty unfair given that they can revenge me now and I can’t gain back those trophies.

That’s very odd. Have you submitted a support ticket yet?


Don’t hit “rematch”. Go back to your watchtower & choose “revenge” again to avoid this problem.


Thanks. I see that this solves it but only if your opponent is still in the watchtower queue. It seems like if you do not revenge your opponent (rematch instead) and they are not in the watchtower queue, your rematch will count as a raid rather than revenge.

To clarify the queue is the list of opponents you can revenge. By habit I start from the bottom because they will disappear if they list gets too big to make room for new revenges. But if you lose and rematch them, and your loss causes them to be pushed out of the list, the game treats it as a raid rather than revenge.

Although just saying this out loud… it seems like there is a problem there with the logic of how the game checks raids vs revenges…

If you attack first, it’s a raid. If they attack first and win AND a fight again from the watchtower, it’s a revenge. It’s that simple.

I dont think you understood the case. I hit them back as revenge, lost. Then I hit them back again and won. But the 2nd time it showed as a raid, not a revenge like the first time.

Okay i was able to recreate it again. I revenged an opponent who raided me at the bottom of my watchtower list. Lost first time. Shows as revenge. Obviously at this point the loss shows up and pushes that opponent off. When I hit rematch and win, it shows as a raid. Even though the first time it was a revenge.

I understand how it occurs and I understand that if I hit revenge again it works around it. But in this case I cant click the revenge button because the opponent raid record has been pushed off to make room for other raid records.

And even though the proposed solution works, that is not really a solution is it? It is a workaround. There is clearly a logic hole with how the game checks whether this is a revenge or not. Hitting rematch even if the opponent is pushed off your watchtower queue should not change this.

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Fair point. Maybe @Sara could look at this. It seems right that if you lose a revenge, the subsequent rematches should also be revenges, not de novo raids.


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