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Often in the war, when putting together an attack it will show as reserved, fair enough. But when changing your mind after checking your roster and moving too another opponent you’re still showing reserved. Logging out of yhecgane doesn’t even sort it. This came to light a couple of times and in the last war. I was putting a team together to attack the last man standing, a weakend team, when my wife said she’d use her last flag to get the respawn. 10 minutes before I was no longer showing as reserved, despite al efforts, including logging off. Anyone else suffered this? If so any idea how to ‘unreserve’.

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The info button only shows you what the other team has. Problem is that it doesn’t show you what attack heroes you have left available.

Only solution I know of to remove the reservation is to either put a reservation on another team (if another one is available), or wait a long time for the reservation to disappear.

Very stupid and annoying issue, it’s one that has plagued my alliance since our inception (nearly 2 years ago).

If there is only one opponent left on the board, the only way I have found to get the reservation is to have that player completely log off, but even then you still have to wait (not sure exactly how long, but yeah, it can be longer than 10 minutes). Really sucks if you’re trying to coordinate a bunch of attacks in the last hour of the war (which I now highly advise against - much safer for everyone to show up at least 2 or 3 hours before the end just in case something stupid happens).

Hi, a screenshot is better than explaining everything. Check out Fenixxx

It happens from time to time, just a visual glitch. I think you can see it at least in every 2nd war.

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But It didn’t allow me to attack the one that was reserved. Otherwise, I wouldn’t care

It also happens that before I even finish a battle (without killing all) someone else in my alliance have already reserved to kill the enenmies I have left alive. So they get to know the battle result even before me. And I am the one who is fighting.

Right, in this case you have to wait or close the app and delete the temp files to get rid of it.

Well, that just normal, when your fight is finished you have a delay of 4-5 seconds till you are back on the battlefield. If someone else is waiting for some rests, he is in a better position than you.

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