Opponent heroes' mana recharges very fast in war

First of all, hello everyone. I wanted to make a complaint about today’s war. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone.
The same thing happened to me and my teammate during the War attack. It’s like the opponent defense heroes are very fast, but we have normal speed. Although I moved 5-6 puzzles, the opponent heroes opened special skills 2 times. Is this normal?
Unfortunately I don’t have video to prove it, I didn’t shoot video at the time. I got suspicious when my clanmate said the same thing. I thought I’d write it here. I will be glad if you help

Everything seemed normal to me. Without videos we’ll just get anecdotal accounts that won’t go anywhere because it’s so normal for so many.

This game is starting make me lose interest. The legendary summons are way to low on chance to get any chance of getting 5 Star hero. Like your level should indicate the percentage that you pull 5 Star Hero. Fixed your Game or more and more paying customers will stop paying to play your Game.

All old heros that got down graded should be returned original state in which it was released or intended for game play

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